Vice President, Operations

Chris Pruner is the Vice President of Operations at Cascade for Northern California. In this role, he helps clients obtain samples to identify contaminants for clean-up, and provide data needed to report on the results of remediation efforts. He also supports geotechnical and infrastructure projects when sampling data is required to verify the geology.

Chris has worked on project sites ranging from military bases and railroad depots to chemical plants, refineries, and former dry cleaners. He’s experienced with mud rotary, hollow stem auger, air rotary, sonic, and direct push drilling technologies, as well as cathodic protection. Chris has used these drilling techniques in a variety of applications, including well development and to assist in building remediation systems.

Chris takes the time to understand his clients’ projects and concerns, and build trusted relationships that they can rely on. They go to him for insight about effective drilling techniques and strategies that can save both time and money. Thanks to his 35+ years in the industry, Chris can recommend and provide the right equipment and crew for any environmental or geotechnical drilling project.