January 28, 2021


Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), the leading field services contractor of drilling and remediation services, recently added new in situ groundwater remediation chemistries to its suite of turnkey services for the characterization and optimized remediation of contaminated sites throughout the United States.

“It makes sound business and technical sense for the country’s leading remediation service provider to supply turnkey solutions to our clients. What was missing from our robust toolbox was our own chemistries specifically tied to addressing the challenges we’ve seen at hundreds of sites over the last twenty-five years,” said Eliot Cooper, VP of Technology. “The new products are an addition to the range of remedial technology options available to our clients including injection, thermal, permeable reactive barriers, emplacement, soil mixing, and others. We are deeply committed to the continued support of our clients through our advanced characterization, design support, injection, and fracturing capabilities regardless of the injection chemistries they choose.”

Cascade is partnering with Höganäs, the world leader in metal powder solutions, on one of four new injection chemistries. CleanER™ iZVI is a colloidal zero valent iron for chlorinated solvent remediation. “Höganäs is very pleased to work with Cascade to deliver the next step in the evolution of injectable ZVI,” said Louis LeBrun, President & General Manager of Höganäs Environment Solutions based in Cary, North Carolina. “Our new CleanER iZVI product is just the latest development in Höganäs’ 223-year history of iron-based chemistry and metallurgy, and we’re excited to have a remediation industry pioneer like Cascade support our continued growth in the environmental remediation marketplace.”

A total of four chemistries will be available by June. CleanER iZVI and SourceKill℠, an emulsified zero valent iron for DNAPL and chlorinated solvent source remediation, are available for order. Cascade’s colloidal activated carbon for chlorinated solvent and petroleum remediation and encapsulated enzymes for petroleum remediation are expected to hit the market by June.

“We are very excited about assisting our consulting clients with meeting their client’s remediation expectations through these new chemistries. Consultants now have access to advanced cost-effective and risk reduction technologies under one contractual umbrella while continuing to work with the industry leader,” said Scott Wisher, Senior Vice President.  “We also anticipate expanding the colloidal carbon to address emerging contaminants like PFAS.”

For more information on the new injection chemistries and integrated turnkey remediation services, contact Eliot Cooper at [email protected].