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Join Cascade this April For Battelle’s Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds

Jan 17, 2018 -

The Battelle Conference has built a reputation as a true meeting of the minds, where experts within the environmental remediation industry come together to discuss innovations and practices within their space in high detail. Proceedings cover the specific applications of innovative remedial technologies and approaches for site characterization, as well as the monitoring and management of chlorinated and complex sites. Conference attendees include representatives from academia, state and federal government agencies, consulting firms, and research organizations from around the globe.

Cascade Environmental is pleased to announce our participation at Battelle’s 2018 Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds this April in Palm Springs, CA., We’re proud to lend our expertise to the proceeding with 26 different poster platform sessions, and four learning labs, which are a new feature for the Battelle conference this year. Attendees can take advantage of exclusive opportunities to see advanced characterization and remediation technologies in our interactive exhibit space. To stay up to date with everything we’re doing at the conference, sign up for updates here.

If you attended Battelle’s 2016 conference, you know it’s one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive gatherings covering remediation of chlorinated and recalcitrant compounds. If this is your first year attending the conferences, here’s what you can expect.


The conference is scheduled for April 8-12 at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, CA. The technical program includes more than 1,100 platform and poster presentations in 80 sessions, along with 7 different panel discussions. These sessions and panels are organized according to the following major topics:

  • Emerging Contaminants
  • Remediation Technologies and Developments
  • Assessing Remediation Effectiveness
  • Green and Sustainable Remediation
  • Fractured Rock
  • Addressing Challenging Site Conditions
  • Petroleum and heavy Hydrocarbon Site Strategies  
  • Vapor Intrusion
  • Technology Transfer and Stakeholder Communications
  • Metals
  • Characterization, Fate, and Transport
  • International Environmental Remediation Markets
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools

For a full program overview, read the full preliminary program here.

Platform and Poster Presentations

Platform sessions begin Monday afternoon April and conclude Thursday; poster sessions will be conducted on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Heads up: this year, Cascade is proud to have 26 different poster/platform sessions.

For a schedule of platform and poster presentations, go here.

Learning Labs

The Learning Labs at the Battelle Conference are a new feature for 2018. Located in the Exhibit hall, Learning Labs consist of hands-on demonstrations highlighting specific technologies, tools, and software. Don’t forget: Cascade is presenting four different learning labs this year.

For more information on the learning labs at Battelle’s 2018 conferences, go here.

Short Courses

As of December 5, 2017, there are eighteen short courses scheduled for presentation. Courses are open to both conference registrants and individuals who will not be attending the conference technical program. Discounts apply for early registration and payment. For additional info, check out the Short Course descriptions document for course descriptions, dates, times and instructor information.  Cascade will host 1 short course on thermal remediation.


Seven panel discussions are scheduled throughout the technical program. Here’s a brief overview of panel topics.

  • Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Precursors: Is It Too Early or Too Late to Worry About Them?
  • Building a Remedy with the End in Mind: Advances in Adaptive Management for Efficient Cleanup of Complex Sites
  • Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD): Treatment Train Engine or Caboose?
  • Accelerating the Use of Innovative Technologies: What is the Role of Pilot Testing, Demonstration, Verification, and Certification?
  • How Can We Improve Groundwater Transport Modeling?
  • Enough is Enough: When Do You Have Enough Data?
  • International Perspectives on Management Approaches for PFAS

For more info on this year’s panel discussions, go here.

2016 was a record-breaking year for Battelle’s conference; with over 1600 attendees from 28 countries, nearly 900 platform talks, 71 breakout sessions, and 10 panel discussions, 2016 represented the largest technical program in Chlorinated Conference history. 2018 shows no signs of slowing down and promises to be another outstanding opportunity for the environmental remediation community to meet, learn, and network.

If you’re interested in keeping up to speed with all that Cascade will offer during the 2018 Battelle Conference, sign up for updates here, and we’ll see you in Palm Springs.

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