Got a Challenging Chlorinated Solvent Site? Clean it up with a Combined Zero Valent Iron/Emulsified Vegetable Oil/Bioaugmentation Remedy

Join us for a case study of a Concord Naval Weapons Facility Site in Concord, CA, where remediation goals for chlorinated solvents and break down products were achieved in 1/3rd of the time using a combined biotic (electron donor substrate and bioaugmentation) and abiotic approach (chemical reduction with microscale zero valent iron)  versus the traditional biotic approach used for most chlorinated solvent plumes.

This webinar will review design considerations, design optimization field testing, and full-scale implementation that led to optimal remediation results. We believe these elements represent best practices for heterogeneous sites where time to achieving remediation goals are key drivers as well as the minimization of breakdown products like vinyl chloride.    

Learn how to obtain support in site characterization, design and field implementation for your most challenging chlorinated solvents sites from Cascade Technical Services.




Vice President, Technology and Business Development