What You Need to Know About ZVI Remedies for Source Zone and Plume Treatment

Join national fracturing experts, Eric Moskal and Deborah Shaffer Schnell, P.E., for an in-depth look on the applicability of ZVI to treat a wide range of contaminants and the installation methods used to address source area of contamination and plume cutoff barriers.

ZVI is a well-established and proven long-term solution to groundwater remediation, and is acknowledged by many experts and regulatory agencies to be a preferred remedy. The presenters will discuss how to select the emplacement method based on geology and/or site constraints and objectives, as well as limitations to the methodologies. They'll also share lessons learned on sites with geologies ranging from silts, clays, and glacial tills, to highly permeable sands and gravels with depths ranging from 15 feet to more than 130 feet.

This webinar is a pre-recorded broadcast, but you will have the opportunity to download extra materials and submit questions to our experts, who will follow up with you after the presentation.

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