Thermal Conduction Heating - TCH
Thermal Conduction Heating - TCH
Thermal Conduction Heating - TCH
Thermal Conduction Heating - TCH
Thermal Conduction Heating - TCH
Thermal Conduction Heating - TCH

Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH) is the simplest and most straight-forward heating technology available.

During TCH, heat radiating from thermal wells heats the treatment volume to the desired temperature. The TCH technology relies entirely on the thermal conductivity of the site lithology and the extent of its saturation. TCH can be applied for both soil and groundwater remediation and is a very effective technology for LNAPL and DNAPL removal.

The following lists the main contaminant removal mechanisms that take place during TCH: 

  • Volatilization and steam stripping for VOCs and CVOCs
  • Viscosity reduction for oils and manufactured gas plant (MGP) waste
  • In situ degradation or destruction when treating SVOCs, PAHs, PCBs, pesticides and dioxins at high temperatures


  • Experience - Members of the TerraTherm, a Cascade Company team have been involved with TCH since it was developed by Shell Oil and TerraTherm in the late 1980s.
  • Reliability - TerraTherm offers the most reliable and flexible version of TCH, which utilizes electrically powered heaters.
  • Safety - TerraTherm’s heaters are certified to meet the strict safety requirement of UL499.


TerraTherm offers low, moderate, and high temperature TCH applications. Depending upon the selected heating level, TCH can treat VOCs, SVOCs, PAHs, PCB, dioxins, and even some heavy metals. It is also an ideal remedy for LNAPL and DNAPL.

TCH is ideal for both in situ soil and groundwater remediation and the ex situ treatment of stockpiled soil and sediments. Applied successfully to depths of over 150-feet below grade, TCH is a consistent technology choice for large sites.

TCH is typically used to heat the subsurface to 100°C, but it is the only in situ thermal remediation technology that can also reach temperatures as high as 335°C. Lower temperature TCH application is used to remove VOCs, CVOCs, and light oil/NAPL. High temperature application allows for the removal/degradation of SVOCs, PAHs, PCBs, pesticides, dioxins and even selected heavy metals.

TCH can also be applied ex situ using In-Pile Thermal Desorption (IPTD®). Contaminated soil is excavated and treated using the TCH technology in on-site piles that can be 20 feet tall and cover areas the size of football fields. For smaller ex situ applications, our patented Heated-Box technology (HB1100) may be the most cost-effective option.

TerraTherm has successfully treated more than 60 sites using TCH, consistently meeting remediation goals on each. Working with local partners, we have implemented TCH at more than 15 sites internationally. With TCH partners or affiliates in Europe, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam and China, we can implement the TCH technology worldwide.


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