Drilling Equipment Options

Environmental and geotechnical drilling requirements are unique to every jobsite. Having the best technology and old fashion know-how is critical to getting the job done safely, on time and within budget. From drillers to geologists, you need a team that understands subsurface conditions and works with you to determine the best technology, or combination of technologies, to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Cascade offers a full range of drill rigs and support vehicles including truck mounted, track mounted, limited access, and specialty equipment nationwide. With one of the largest environmental and geotechnical drilling fleets, Cascade provides the right equipment to get the job done with minimal impact to the project site.

Track Mounted

Track rigs offer more flexibility for site access than a standard truck mounted rig. The tracks are rubber with no central metal growsers, allowing the rig to be unloaded on a paved road with little to no pavement damage. Support vehicles are also track mounted. Cascade has an extensive fleet of track mounted and ATV drilling equipment including sonic, auger, rotary, direct push and specialty vehicles.

Truck Mounted

Truck mounted equipment is ideal for standard site conditions. The rigs can move quickly to each drilling location throughout the project site. Cascade has an extensive fleet of truck mounted drilling equipment including sonic, auger, rotary, direct push and specialty vehicles.

Limited Access

When space is an issue, limited access rigs provide the same reliable drilling services with a smaller footprint.  Cascade’s fleet features limited access sonic rigs ideal for use on small, urban sites or inside buildings.  We also offer limited access equipment for conventional drilling technologies like auger, rotary and direct push.

Specialty Equipment

Some project sites require specialized equipment.  Regardless of the access conditions or operating limitations, Cascade’s experienced project managers work closely with you to find the right solution.  

Our fleet of specialty equipment includes:

  • Track mounted electric rigs
  • Barge mounted equipment for over-the-water drilling
  • Angle drilling

Vacuum Trucks and Vac Units

Vacuum trucks and vac units are used in locating underground utilities and other subsurface improvements. These vehicles utilize compressed air, rather than water, to reduce the quantity of investigation derived waste (IDW) produced. Vac units are smaller than vacuum trucks, allowing the operator to access small sites remotely.  Cascade offers both truck and trailer mounted vacuum equipment.

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