Bioremediation Services Built From Experience

Cascade provides a full range of injection and emplacement services for aerobic degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons and anaerobic dechlorination of chlorinated solvents. We have designed and delivered millions of gallons of carbon substrates to support dechlorination of chlorinated solvents, as well as hundreds of applications of calcium peroxide for aerobic degradation at petroleum underground storage tank (UST) sites.

Cascade manages project site logistics, from gas station and small dry cleaners to long chlorinated solvent plumes—many of which are components of more complex sites. Whether it’s injection through direct push tooling or injection well networks, we have the knowledge and bioremediation technology to achieve your objectives. Additional services include extraction of groundwater needed for dilution water and/or hydraulic control, as well as creating anaerobic water required for bioaugmentation.

From the simple to the most complex site conditions, Cascade provides the crews, equipment and overall project management to get the job done safely, on time and on budget while achieving the distribution required for effective bioremediation.

Cascade has applied all of the bioremediation products currently on the market and is product agnostic. We leverage economies of scale to work with a number of well-respected reagent suppliers to provide our customers with the most and best application options.

Bioremediation options include the following (and more):

  • Emulsified vegetable oils and related carbon substrates
  • Lactate
  • DHC bioaugmentation cultures
  • pH buffers
  • Calcium peroxide
  • Sulfates

Standalone bioremediation solutions are available, but they can also be used in conjunction with thermal remediation, chemical remediation, and soil remediation.

Last update of the article: 05/20/2020.

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