Combined Remedies

It often takes more than one remediation technology to cost-effectively remediate a site.  Cascade’s Combined Remedies approach offers more efficient and flexible solutions for both source areas and plumes.

Cascade saves you time and money by adapting different remedial solutions to the site conditions. Once there is confidence in the conceptual site model, technologies can be evaluated and applied in the optimal combination to meet overall remediation objectives.  For heavily contaminated source zones, thermal treatment is rapid and effective and can be combined with chemical reagents taking advantage of the heat remaining in the subsurface. For less contaminated plumes we use our other technologies to optimize the results and minimize the resources used.  When used together, our combined remedies are effective and sustainable.

Our technologies were developed with different target compounds and concentration levels in mind. Most sites have both source material (NAPL or high concentration) and surrounding dissolved or diffused contamination (low concentration). Sources are usually treated by excavation, thermal technologies, shallow soil mixing, or chemical injections.  A common scenario is where thermal treatment of the source area occurs in conjunction with bioremediation of the plume.  Many other combinations are possible – including temporal and special combinations.

Last update of the article: 05/20/2020.

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