Are you looking for an innovative solution to tackle a difficult groundwater cleanup project? Through our subsidiary GeoSierra, you can access their minimally invasive, trenchless patented technology, the Trenchless Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB), and enhanced delivery methods for fluid and soil amendments, to build an effective treatment that meets your needs.  These patented technologies were invented to induce and control the direction of vertical fractures during the installation of PRB walls, while preserving formation permeability through low flow and pressure injection techniques. Through carefully examining site data and thorough laboratory data analysis, the team at GeoSierra partners with you to build a customized installation and monitoring plan that will get you to successful project completion on time and on budget.

Trenchless PRBs

Take advantage of cost-savings and be able to reach greater depths with GeoSierra’s vertical inclusion propagation, an alternate mode of constructing zero-valent iron (ZVI) PRBs.  This is a passive treatment system that replaces the pump and treats remedies for contaminated groundwater with a life cycle cost savings greater than 75%.

Advantages include:

  • Passive treatment leading to long term cost savings
  • Minimal site disturbance
  • Deep application of treatment technology
  • No excavation or disposal of contaminated materials
  • Minimal impact to groundwater flow
  • Permanent remedy

Enhanced Fluid and Soil Amendment Delivery

The team at GeoSierra has pioneered multi-azimuth inclusion propagation for source area treatment which creates an enhanced lattice network of sand-filled inclusions for amendment injections.  You can also take advantage of GeoSierra’s pneumatic propagation which is used for the enhancement of existing soil vapor extraction (SVE) or pump and treat systems not performing effectively.

For more information on GeoSierra and their services, visit their website. –

Last update of the article: 05/20/2020.

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