Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH)


Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) is an aggressive in situ thermal remediation technology that can simultaneously treat chlorinated solvents in unsaturated and saturated soil, perched groundwater tables, and low velocity aquifers.

The ERH technology is an ideal solution for both soil and groundwater remediation and the complete removal of LNAPL and DNAPL from the subsurface. 

Developed by Battelle Northwest Laboratories for the Department of Energy (DOE), ERH takes power from standard utility lines and applies it to electrodes placed in a grid pattern across an impacted site. As the electrodes transfer this power into the treatment volume, the soil matrix resists the flow of electricity between the electrodes and is heated to the boiling point.

Steam and contaminant vapors produced by this heating are captured by subsurface vapor extraction systems, conveyed to the surface and treated for permitted discharge. 

Technology that works for you

  • Industry Leaders - TerraTherm, a Cascade Company team members commercialized the ERH technology and have successfully remediated more than 70 sites in North America and Europe. 
  • Assets - TerraTherm owns and operates an extensive fleet of specialty equipment and fabrication capabilities with plug and play integration and cloud-based data management.


ERH has been widely applied and proven effective for free product recovery and enhanced vapor extraction at sites with volatile contaminants such as VOCs, CVOCs, and NAPLs. ERH has been used successfully to depths exceeding 100 ft bgs and at sites ranging in size from small dry cleaners to multi-acre industrial facilities. ERH is also ideal for gentle heating to stimulate bioremediation.

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