Thermal Technology Combinations


The environmental clean-up industry has reached a stage of maturity where many sites that have yet to achieve a regulatory closure can be defined as “complex”. For many reasons, various remedies may have been implemented at these sites, but with limited success. For these complex sites, a combination of remedies is often the most cost-effective solution to achieve the required remediation goals.


  • Multiple contaminated zones
  • Hard-to-treat geologies such as bedrock or thick clays
  • Source area too deep for excavation or soil mixing
  • Hard-to-treat chemicals and mixed waste
  • Access limitations

Technology that works for you

  • Improved Return on Investment - Cascade works with clients to more cost-effectively manage the life cycle costs associated with a complex site, improving return on investment for cleanup dollars spent.
  • Full Range of Thermal Technologies - TerraTherm, a Cascade Company masters the range of the remediation technologies, from aggressive thermal treatment to MNA. Specifically, we focus on aggressive treatment of source zone and less aggressive solutions on the downgradient plume, for a more effective solution.
  • Streamlined Procurement & Coordinated Execution - Since Cascade offers both thermal and injection-based remediation technologies in-house, our clients benefit from streamline procurement and coordinated execution of drilling, characterization and remediation.
  • Expertise and Support - We support the consultant with data and expertise to update and refine the conceptual site model, implement best practices for the combined remedies needed to achieve remedial goals, and support the transition to passive, long-term management.

Real-time remedy optimization

High resolution site characterization (HRSC) technologies offer a distinct advantage during thermal implementation. These tools provide valuable data for the placement and design of borings and wells thus minimizing the need for permanent wells. The continuous feedback of HRSC data enables project managers to make real-time adjustments in the field for optimal performance when:

  • Setting thermal arrays,
  • Establishing injection pressure and volume to maximize radius of influence and residence time, and,
  • Determining reagent composition.


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