Executive Chairman

John Cowdery is Executive Chairman of Cascade Environmental. John’s passionate focus on operational excellence, growth, and organizational culture helps our clients and employees succeed every day.

With more than 30 years of experience in the environmental service industry, John understands the unique combination of technology and talent required to achieve project results.

John is known for his compassionate leadership and strategic planning to align organizations with the needs of their clients and market forces. His ability to negotiate and manage mergers and acquisitions has resulted in seamless integrations that broaden service capabilities and increase market share. His “good enough is not enough” mindset and collaborative approach have pushed him and the companies he’s led to achieving substantial growth and success.

Since 2018, John has led the total integration of systems, processes, and business structures to enhance Cascade’s unique capabilities and embody its core values to better serve employees and clients. He also navigated, with the help of his excellent team, the organization through the impact of a global pandemic, ensuring essential work continued safely as permitted.

John serves on the Board of Directors for Taylor Design, a strategy-based design firm for the built environment, where his insight and experience contribute to a business model based on innovation and project delivery. He holds an MBA, MS in Health, and a BS in Health.

If you would like to connect with John about his experience in leadership, business strategy, or mergers and acquisitions, you can find him on LinkedIn.


Education: MBA from Saint Mary's College in California, and a Masters of Science in Health from Southern Illinois University