What is the Pathfinder

Although research over the last 20 years has shown distribution and contact of in situ chemistries is a key success factor, injection technology has not advanced to reflect the empirical evidence. Cascade spent several years working to change that, and developed a fully-automated injection system called the Pathfinder™ designed to deliver liquid amendments and colloidal solids like ZVI and activated carbon more effectively in transmissive zones. It addresses the issue of distribution by providing an automated, fine tune-able system that takes human variables out of the equation, while Cascade Chemistries products tackle the problem of persistent contact with contaminants in the subsurface.

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What is It Designed to Address?

The Pathfinder targets the human imprecision that often impacts the success of an injection remediation project. This system can be fine-tuned and fully automated to accurately and effectively distribute amendments in transmissive zones in the correct doses, at the correct times, and at the correct intervals.


How Does It Work?

  • Flow control through automated valves that adjust automatically to meet pressure and flow set points.
  • Control of injection pressures, groundwater depth changes, and flows to eliminate fracturing, excessive groundwater mounding, and short circuiting often common with manual flow control systems.
  • Continuous monitoring and data logging of injection rates, volumes, pressures, groundwater levels, and temperatures.

Why the Pathfinder?

  • The Pathfinder allows you to set precise shutdown or control setpoints to ensure optimal chemistry distribution and supporting documentation.
  • It can perform with up to 10 simultaneous injection locations in its base configuration. Additional manifolding available.
  • Better distribution and contact results in lower costs and a shorter time frame to achieving remediation goals.