Cascade ChemistriesWhat is Cascade Chemistries?

Cascade Chemistries is a new line of amendments for in situ groundwater remediation, designed to help you reach site closure faster and cost-effectively.

CleanER™ iZVI® is a colloidal zero valent iron for chlorinated solvent remediation, but can also be applied to hazardous metals and herbicides/pesticides. It is manufactured exclusively for Cascade by Hoganas Environmental Solutions, the leading provider of engineered ZVI products across the world. CleanER iZVI primarily targets contaminants in transmissive zones in barrier applications, but can also be used in less contaminated source areas to treat contaminants through chemical reduction.

SourceKill℠ is an emulsified zero valent iron for chlorinated solvent source remediation, including DNAPL It is manufactured exclusively for Cascade by TEA, Inc., the first licensee of this NASA patent for DNAPL remediation at Cape Canaveral. SourceKill uses chemical reduction to primarily target known or suspected DNAPL source zones.

Other Chemistries in Development

Cascade’s colloidal activated carbon (designed to address chlorinated solvents, petroleum, and emerging contaminants) and encapsulated enzymes (designed to address petroleum) are expected to hit the market by June 2021.

Cascade Chemistries

Cascade Chemistries Services

Cascade’s proprietary chemistries are applied to contaminated sites by Cascade’s remediation experts, who have decades of experience in the integration of high resolution characterization design optimization (HRDO) with injection and fracturing. We provide consultants with the data needed to identify where and how to apply remedies for best results, implement the approved remediation design, and partner with the client to monitor for optimization opportunities.

This means you get an integrated solution that is cost effective, reduces risk, and is designed to provide an excellent return on your remediation investment.

To provide this integrated approach, we utilize multiple existing services in conjunction with the new chemistries, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • HRDO
  • 3D visualized targeted remediation plans
  • Hydraulic testing of wells or DPT screens
  • Design optimization testing (DOT) prior to full scale remediation
  • Manifolding automated injection of liquid and colloidal amendments
  • Pneumatic & hydraulic emplacement
  • Downhole pulsing for delivery into highly heterogeneous and moderate K zones
  • Post remediation troubleshooting

Leveraging technologies, experience, and expertise together ensures the ideal placement of the chemistries  to ensure contaminant contact in transmissive (higher K) and/or storage (lower K) zones.  This means an expedited schedule to closure and reduced project costs.

Cascade Chemistries are the latest addition to our existing suite of services designed to support every stage of the project lifecycle. We offer an integrated turnkey solution to provide optimized results, but still offer other chemistries, amendments, and services individually as needed.

Why Is an Integrated Approach Important?

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