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Cascade offers a full range of geotechnical drilling services for subsurface site investigation and placement of data collection instruments. Regardless of the lithology or location, Cascade Environmental has the right equipment, experience, and specialized expertise to do the job.

With our diverse drilling fleet and experienced crews, even the most difficult conditions are no challenge for us. Cascade offers conventional and sonic drilling technologies. Our fleet includes track and truck mounted equipment and limited access rigs for tight spaces, low overhead conditions, and over-water work allowing us to access almost any drill site.

Site Investigation

Cascade performs both large and small scale subsurface site investigations across the United States. Our diverse fleet of Geotech drilling rigs is suited for any terrain or subsurface condition.

We offer the best in:

  • Standard penetration testing and soil borings
  • Soil sampling and coring
  • Rock coring
  • Permeability and pressure meter testing

Rely on Cascade when results matter. Our crews have extensive experience with the installation of data collection instruments including

  • Piezometers
  • Inclinometers
  • Extensometers
  • Tensiometers
Heavy Infrastructure Support

From dams to levees, bridges to tunnels - Cascade provides specialty applications in support of heavy infrastructure projects, including precollaring for ground improvement, confirmation borings, and geotechnical exploration.

When safety, productivity and budget are critical concerns, Cascade is the partner you can trust.  Our full time EHS staff and experienced management team has earned Cascade access to the most heavily regulated sites including state and federal projects.  

No job is too big.  With offices and crews across the United States, Cascade provides our clients with the flexibility to run multiple rigs and multiples shifts to get it done.  Cascade offers unparalleled capabilities in:

  • Dewatering system installation
  • Micropiles
  • Grouting support
    • Grout curtain installation
    • Jet grout
  • Confirmation borings
  • Drain installation
    • Vertical drain installation
    • Sand drain installation
  • Cutoff wall
  • Freeze wall


Sonic for Earthen Embankments

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