Sonic technology is ideal for both deep and shallow drilling applications where undisturbed core sampling through almost any type of geological formation is required.   This powerful technology provides many advantages over other types of drilling techniques. It is a low-impact technology that is safer by minimizing crew tool handling. By rotating and vibrating the rod, core barrel, and casing at sonic frequencies a clean borehole is drilled, cored and cased at the same time.

A great deal of fewer cuttings are generated, saving time and money. Continuous cores are produced using a single tube core barrel and an override casing.

Sonic provides the most accurate installations of multi-point (CMT-type) wells where precise-depth installations are critical. Diameters as large as 12 inches are possible, and depths in excess of 850 feet have been reached.


  • SUPERIOR INFORMATION  Sonic cores a continuous straight, plumb hole through both hard and soft formations that include cobbles, boulders, debris, and hard, dense clay.
  • SPEED & VERSATILITY  With penetration rates that are one to four times faster than conventional methods, sonic can be used in combination with another tooling to collect geotechnical samples, core rock with high-speed drill heads and diamond drill bits, collect groundwater profile samples, packer testing, slug testing, and more. Temporary isolation casings can also be installed.
  • WASTE MINIMIZATION  Investigation derived waste (IDW) is reduced 70-80% over auger or rotary drilling processes.

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