Cascade Environmental Introduces the Next Evolution of Integrated Environmental Management

Cascade Remediation Services offers combined technology solutions for site characterization and remediation

Cascade EnvironmentalBOTHELL, WA—July 1, 2021 -  Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”) unveiled Cascade Remediation Services as the next evolution of its integrated portfolio of services.

The change is part of Cascade’s national expansion of its civil & environmental construction service line and focus on delivering combined technology solutions for environmental management projects. Formerly known as Cascade Technical Services, the group now includes Cascade's legacy companies of New Jersey-based Panther Technologies and GeoSierra Environmental.

“We continue to align our business to meet the evolving needs of our engineering and consulting clients,” explained Cascade CEO Ron Thalacker. “From fleet to service offerings and field expertise to office administration, now it’s even easier for our clients to seamlessly access field support at any stage of the project lifecycle - concept to completion.”

Cascade Remediation Services offers a powerful combination of traditional and high resolution site characterization along with a full line of remediation technologies and multiple amendment options to efficiently target contaminants and source zones.

“One thing will never change.  That is our commitment to excellence,” said Thalacker.   

The Cascade family of brands is comprised of Cascade Drilling, Cascade Remediation Services, TerraTherm, and Aquifer Drilling & Testing. 

Cascade Environmental Releases Annual Corporate Sustainability Report 

The 2020 report highlights the company’s resiliency in a difficult year, detailing economic, environmental, and social impact under GRI framework 

2020 Cascade Sustainability ReportBOTHELL, WA—May 19, 2021- Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), the leading field services contractor of drilling and remediation services, recently published its 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report.   

The report details how the organization fared against key impacts including the COVID pandemic, availability of field services workers, and cybersecurity. “We coined a new term for this resiliency, ‘Cascadability,’ and it was the clear choice for the theme of this year’s report,” explains CEO Ron Thalacker. “Sustainability isn’t a separate program, but rather a guiding principle integrated into our daily activities. Our sustainability efforts are about fostering conditions that nurture our employees, our clients, and our suppliers no matter what the external challenges may be.”   

Highlights of the report include: 

  • 44% reduction in overall incident activity,13% reduction in severity rate, third consecutive year of TRIR under 0.70  
  • Steady decline in fuel consumption since 2018 of 29% per project and 24% per fleet asset 
  • $50M estimated savings due to immediate preventative action of recognized hazards  
  • Rated by 70% of stakeholders as “strong” or “very strong” sustainability performance 
  • Strategies adopted to anticipate and fight cyberthreats, and protect employees, business assets, and clients  

“The topics and data provided in this report were thoughtfully identified through extensive engagement efforts and material assessments,” explains Sue Bruning, Chair of Cascade’s Sustainability Council. “Our Sustainability Council meets regularly to review feedback collected through a variety of channels including surveys, meetings, social media, email, industry reports, and other business tools to gain a better understanding of the issues that may potentially impact our business. Through open dialogue, we seek to understand the impacts of our operations on our stakeholder groups—especially employees, clients, and our procurement partners.”   

Cascade’s 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. This internationally recognized sustainability framework provides a credible platform and consistent method to measure and communicate the company’s impact and connect with stakeholders. “Every year we push ourselves to go deeper into the issues and cover more topics,” said Bruning. “This is the most extensive report published since we started the sustainability reporting process in 2014. I strongly encourage anyone accessing our report to provide feedback.” The report is available on the company’s website at 


General Manager to focus on expansion of innovative in situ remediation technologies and civil construction through Panther Technologies subsidiary

Matt VetterBOTHELL, WA—May 4, 2021—Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), the leading field services contractor of drilling and remediation services welcomed Matthew Vetter as General Manager for the New Jersey-based subsidiary Panther Technologies (“Panther”).

The Company is fueling growth in the Northeast region through the continued expansion of its combined technologies approach for more sustainable remediation. This approach integrates high resolution site characterization to detail the nature and extent of subsurface contamination with one or more remedial technologies to target and treat specific zones of contamination. “Matthew plays a critical role in further integrating our in situ stabilization and yellow iron remediation capabilities with Cascade’s full suite of drilling, site characterization, and remediation technologies,” said Jack Twomey, Panther’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “Clients across the country will benefit from his extensive experience with manufactured gas plant remediation, in situ stabilization applications, and chemical reagents for in situ injection.” 

Vetter has spent the last 15 years on the national environmental remediation stage. He has served in consulting, project management, and field operation roles. “With this unique blend of perspective, I am able to collaborate with clients to develop a technical approach and execute each project in way that meets specific project goals including safety, performance, and budget,” explains Vetter.


BOTHELL, WA--February 18, 2021 --Cascade Environmental and Battelle are introducing a new encapsulated enzyme to remediate recalcitrant pollutants.Cascade Environmental announced today that they were working with Battelle to provide encapsulated enzymes to remediate recalcitrant pollutants.

The optimized encapsulation process yields a unique formulation of proprietary mixture of fungal-derived, oxidoreducing, time-released enzymes for rapid degradation of recalcitrant contaminants. The structure and composition of encapsulated enzyme beads are highly effective for remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons (TPHs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

When compared to invasive technologies such as excavation, in situ or ex situ application of encapsulated enzymes to soil, groundwater and sediment has multiple benefits. The encapsulated enzyme formulation has a broad spectrum of treatment and provides a controlled release of enzymes to the contaminated matrix, eliminating multiple application events. This technology requires minimum effort at application, generates no waste, and promotes complete degradation of pollutants via enrichment of naturally abundant microorganisms as the contaminant becomes more bioavailable after enzymatic treatment.

“Adding a slow-release enzymatic chemistry solution to the new Cascade Chemistries line of products deepens our capabilities to support our clients at their challenging TPH, PCB and PAH-impacted sites,” said Scott Wisher, Senior Vice President at Cascade. “We envision these chemistries being appropriate for in situ injection, along with convention remediation including soil blending.”

“We’re pleased to begin working with Cascade in this promising technology collaboration that will have broad industry impact,” said Dan Longbrake, Commercial Business Director for PFAS and Environmental Restoration. “We expect to be able to release more information as we finalize details.”

For more information about Cascade Chemistries, contact Eliot Cooper at [email protected].



BOTHELL, WA—February 11, 2021—Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), the leading field services contractor of drilling and remediation services, announces partnership with TEA, Inc. (“TEA”) to tackle  the most difficult phase of chlorinated solvents in groundwater, known as dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL).

SourceKill℠  is the most reactive and DNAPL-specific chemistry on the market today. Offered exclusively by Cascade Environmental, it is manufactured by TEA Inc., the first to provide this engineered in situ chemistry solution for DNAPL. The emulsified zero-valent iron (EZVI) technology was developed by a team of researchers from NASA and the University of Central Florida to address  DNAPL issues at Cape Canaveral.

Cascade has supported in situ remediation with both characterization and injection services for the last twenty-six years while injecting other supplier’s chemistries. “Based on our experience at hundreds of sites, we know that our customers’ success depends on our continued commitment to providing unparalleled technical expertise, superior field services, and cost-effective application of in situ chemistries,” said Eliot Cooper, VP of Technology. “Simply, we were missing the chemistries that mapped well to our capabilities and with the challenges facing our customers. Closing the loop with our own customized specialty chemistries and their effective application is the logical next step in the evolution of Cascade’s business model to ensure clients see optimized results.” 

SourceKill is an emulsified zero-valent iron that targets chlorinated solvent DNAPL and source zones. It is the second of four new chemistries to be introduced under the Cascade name this year. Cascade’s colloidal activated carbon for chlorinated solvent and petroleum remediation and encapsulated enzymes for petroleum remediation are expected to hit the market by June.

“We are pleased to team with Cascade in providing SourceKill as a specific remediation chemistry to address chlorinated solvent source areas,” says Dr. Brad Droy, President and Chief Executive Officer of TEA, Inc. “Being the first licensee, we have been true to the original NASA EZVI patent and have worked continuously through the years to ensure the manufacture and delivery of the highest quality product. In addition, we have worked with Cascade through the years in a seamless manner at multiple sites across the US and look forward to bringing that synergy to new and existing clients.”

“Our new chemistries will target chlorinated solvents, petroleum, metals, and emerging contaminants,” explains Scott Wisher, Senior Vice President. “There are thousands of these sites, many of which are complex, that still have groundwater contamination that has not been resolved. The chemistries alone won’t solve the problem. Our technical experts help consultants achieve a faster and more cost-effective path to closure on these sites by combining advanced characterization, innovative chemistries, and precise delivery of the remedy.”

For more information on the new injection chemistries and integrated turnkey remediation services, contact Eliot Cooper at [email protected].



Cascade Environmental introduces new products to address chlorinated solvent and petroleum contamination.BOTHELL, WA—January 28, 2021—Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), the leading field services contractor of drilling and remediation services, recently added new in situ groundwater remediation chemistries to its suite of turnkey services for the characterization and optimized remediation of contaminated sites throughout the United States.

“It makes sound business and technical sense for the country’s leading remediation service provider to supply turnkey solutions to our clients. What was missing from our robust toolbox was our own chemistries specifically tied to addressing the challenges we’ve seen at hundreds of sites over the last twenty-five years,” said Eliot Cooper, VP of Technology. “The new products are an addition to the range of remedial technology options available to our clients including injection, thermal, permeable reactive barriers, emplacement, soil mixing, and others. We are deeply committed to the continued support of our clients through our advanced characterization, design support, injection, and fracturing capabilities regardless of the injection chemistries they choose.”

Cascade is partnering with Höganäs, the world leader in metal powder solutions, on one of four new injection chemistries. CleanER™ iZVI is a colloidal zero valent iron for chlorinated solvent remediation. “Höganäs is very pleased to work with Cascade to deliver the next step in the evolution of injectable ZVI,” said Louis LeBrun, President & General Manager of Höganäs Environment Solutions based in Cary, North Carolina. “Our new CleanER iZVI product is just the latest development in Höganäs’ 223-year history of iron-based chemistry and metallurgy, and we’re excited to have a remediation industry pioneer like Cascade support our continued growth in the environmental remediation marketplace.”

A total of four chemistries will be available by June. CleanER iZVI and SourceKill℠, an emulsified zero valent iron for DNAPL and chlorinated solvent source remediation, are available for order. Cascade’s colloidal activated carbon for chlorinated solvent and petroleum remediation and encapsulated enzymes for petroleum remediation are expected to hit the market by June.

“We are very excited about assisting our consulting clients with meeting their client’s remediation expectations through these new chemistries. Consultants now have access to advanced cost-effective and risk reduction technologies under one contractual umbrella while continuing to work with the industry leader,” said Scott Wisher, Senior Vice President.  “We also anticipate expanding the colloidal carbon to address emerging contaminants like PFAS.”

For more information on the new injection chemistries and integrated turnkey remediation services, contact Eliot Cooper at [email protected].



BOTHELL WA—January 6, 2021—Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”) is proud to introduce the newly-formed Compass Team, an employee-led group focused on sustainability. The group takes its name from Cascade’s Compass™ Corporate Sustainability program.

Memphis-based employee Dan Spencer eagerly accepted the role of Chairperson. Spencer, who serves as the Director of Analytics at Cascade, expressed having a sense of mission in the new role. “Sustainability is not just about building financial success or protecting the environment,” he said. “These are byproducts of successful sustainability. It is imperative that we build and maintain sustainable practices to ensure the continued health of the business—and each other.”

Spencer plans to turn the Compass Team’s focus to individual employees: “Sustainability is all about planning for the future, not just at the company level but also for individuals. I believe that one of the most important aspects of sustainability is the people.”

Sue Bruning, Chair of Cascade’s Sustainability Council, agrees. “What we do as a company affects our clients and vendors, our communities, and the environment; it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We want to be a good partner and neighbor,” she said. “That’s why it was so important to launch an employee-led group—they are often the boots on the ground, who can see areas for improvement that may not be visible to corporate leadership. That feedback and insight are critical for our continued improvement.”

Cascade’s Sustainability Council sets and tracks progress on annual sustainability goals; the Compass Team will work in conjunction by enacting employee-focused initiatives.

Spencer will be supported by the rest of the Compass leadership team, including Christopher Pruitt, Jamie Patrick, Nathalia Restrepo, and Nate Bierschenk.

Learn more about Cascade’s sustainability goals and efforts here.


BOTHELL, WA—NOVEMBER 18, 2020—Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”) welcomes Maryam Azad as the company’s new West Coast Technical Services Manager.

In her role, Maryam will support and provide insight to clients as they navigate decision matrices and select appropriate characterization methodologies and remediation technologies specific to their project conditions.

To provide this highly technical support, Maryam draws on her 25-year career as an accomplished chemist and researcher. She authored two patents related to in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and bioremediation, and previously owned and led a research laboratory supporting bench-scale treatability studies of remediation compounds like ISCO, in situ chemical reduction (ISCR), metals stabilization, and soil vapor.

Cascade’s Senior Vice President of Technical Services, Scott Wisher, says her background and expertise are exactly what many consultants need.

“Every investigation and remediation project offers its own complexities. Selecting a characterization method or chemistries to inject can feel relatively straightforward, but there’s a lot that should be factored into those choices,” he said. “I’m very happy that, with Maryam, we will be able to provide the deep insight and support our clients need to make informed decisions and achieve project success.”


BOTHELL, WA—November 2, 2020—Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), a leading field services contractor of drilling, site investigation, and remediation services, announced the appointment of Ron Thalacker to Chief Executive Officer today.

Thalacker has more than 35 years of experience in the drilling industry. He joined Cascade in 2016 as Senior Vice President of Drilling Operations. He was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, Drilling Services in July 2020.

“Our path forward is focused on the sharing of equipment, people, and expertise across lines of business and geographic regions to deliver the best possible service every day,” said Thalacker.

Thalacker succeeds former CEO John Cowdery, who plans to retire in June 2021. Cowdery will stay on as Executive Chairman until that time. “My decision to retire comes at a time when the company is positioned for growth and continued success,” said Cowdery. “I’m confident Cascade will continue to thrive under Ron’s leadership.”

Cascade provides full-service, single-source solutions across each step of the environmental project lifecycle. The company participates in the stable and growing $10 billion environmental drilling & remediation and geotechnical drilling industries, performing 6,000 jobs per year across the United States.


BOTHELL, WA—September 1, 2020—In an effort to better partner with clients and improve as an employer, Cascade Environmental is launching its triennial Stakeholder Engagement Survey.  

The goal of the survey is to gather information about stakeholders’ perspectives on sustainability, professional and partnership goals, and the expectations they have when working with Cascade. Responses will be kept confidential, and will be used to align corporate sustainability efforts with the top priorities of the company’s constituents. 

If you have worked with or for Cascade in any capacity, please take the 10-minute survey. 




Bothell, WA, July 31, 2020—Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), a leading field services contractor of drilling, site investigation, and remediation services, is extremely pleased to announce that Alex Hogan has accepted a position with Cascade’s Sustainability Council.  CEO John Cowdery appointed the Denver-based Technical Services Specialist to fill the new At-Large council seat.

Hogan was enthusiastic about taking on this role.  “Sustainability and conservation are something that I have always had a deep passion for,” he explained. “Serving on Cascade’s Sustainability Council is a unique opportunity for me to get involved in such an important initiative and tackle complex problems with relation to sustainability.”

Established in 2014, Cascade’s Sustainability Council is a shared governance team representing all primary business functions and service lines. Council members meet regularly to drive the implementation of sustainability-based initiatives and prepare the annual Corporate Sustainability Report under the Global Reporting Initiative framework.

In July, Council announced the addition of an At-Large position open to any employee with a passion for sustainability and interest in leadership. “This new Council structure brings a rich diversity of ideas and experience that truly reflects the composition of our organization,” said Sue Bruning, Sustainability Council Chairperson.  “Our Compass Corporate Sustainability Program has evolved to support the changing needs of our workforce, clients, supply chain, and pressures that impact our business. Our Council is evolving, too.”



Bothell, WA, July 14, 2020—Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), a leading field services contractor of drilling, site investigation, and remediation services, is pleased to announce the promotion of Ron Thalacker to Chief Operating Officer, Cascade Drilling Services and Peter Palko to Chief Operating Officer, Cascade Remediation Services.


Cascade provides full-service, single-source solutions across each step of the environmental lifecycle of a site. The company participates in the stable and growing $10 billion environmental drilling & remediation and geotechnical drilling industries, performing 6,000 jobs per year across the United States.

“Cascade is uniquely positioned to apply comprehensive, multi-faceted solutions to every issue our clients face,” explains CEO John Cowdery. “The new COO structure brings an elevated level of collaboration across the organization utilizing scale, reputation, and our integrated services portfolio to accelerate growth and improve profitability.”

In Feb 2019, Thalacker and Palko were appointed to roles of Executive Vice President of their respective business lines. “Since that time, the company has achieved operational alignment resulting in a steady increase in profitability and efficiency,” said Cowdery. “Under their leadership, we have consolidated five lines of business to two, improved tracking of equipment and labor to boost utilization, standardized back office practices and procedures, optimized our fleet and workforce, and adopted lean and structured training practices.”

There will be no business interruption as Ron and Pete transition into their new roles. “We remain focused on providing our clients an unparalleled experience regardless of location or type of service delivered,” said Thalacker.

Both industry veterans have more than 30 years of business leadership experience. “Our clients will continue to benefit from our experience, which ensures their drilling and technical service needs are executed safely, professionally, and with their objectives in mind,” said Palko. “Our operational model provides clients a value-added experience through consistent project execution across the country with a focus on service, technical excellence, client advocacy, attention to safety, and overall implementation of client initiatives. Lessons learned on project sites nationwide are shared internally to help local client decision makers achieve similar success on every remediation project performed by Cascade.”

“Now that we’ve achieved operational alignment with process, people, and assets, we are focused on continuing to improve our margins and growing the business,” explains Thalacker.

“Our vision is continued growth of our individual service offerings and position as an industry leader in all areas of remediation, including our in situ thermal desorption (ISTD) practice, injection and fracturing programs, direct push sampling and high resolution site characterization (HRSC) programs, as well as continued implementation of engineered solutions using innovative technology solutions such as in situ stabilization, in situ chemical oxidization, and in situ chemical reduction to solve complex soil and groundwater problems across the country,” said Palko.

Thalacker joined Cascade in 2016 as Senior Vice President of Drilling Operations with regional responsibilities. He holds a Bachelor of Administration and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Palko joined Cascade through the acquisition of Medford, New Jersey-based Panther Technologies in 2016. He is a registered Professional Engineer, Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, and Licensed Site Remediation Professional. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce and Engineering/Operations Management from Drexel University.

“Our C-suite team is stronger than ever and ready to lead the company through its next stage of growth,” said Cowdery. “They outperformed expectations and displayed exemplary leadership during the uncertain and dynamic times of the COVID pandemic. I look forward to our continued success.”


April 22, 2020

 Cascade Environmental ("Cascade") a leading field services provider of drilling, site investigation, and remediation services celebrates Earth Day with the release of its 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report.

“Our theme this year is Grow With Us. It’s quite fitting for many reasons,” states CEO John Cowdery in his opening message. “Growth requires change and adaptation. It symbolizes vibrancy, resilience, and a future filled with possibilities. Growth perfectly captures the essence of our sustainability efforts as we foster conditions that nurture our employees, our clients, and our vendors,” says Cowdery.

“This year our report brings more examples to highlight the human side of sustainability,” explains Sue Bruning, Chair of Cascade’s Sustainability Council.  “We use storytelling, images, and video to connect our audience to all three aspects of sustainability: environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic impact. Cascade’s Sustainability Council is dedicated to helping our employees and clients better understand sustainability in its entirety.  It’s about so much more than recycling and saving energy.”

 Utilizing the Global Reporting Initiative’s sustainability reporting framework has enabled the Company’s Sustainability Council to provide more in-depth analysis and increase the number of reporting metrics. “We are proud to showcase the efforts of our employees and the partnerships we have built as an organization,” said Bruning.  “And we also recognize the value of transparency.  The report details efforts for improvement of systems, policies, and practices to promote continued sustainable growth.”

 New to the report this year are technology and cybersecurity material issues.   Other highlights include:

  • More than $1M invested in information technology to protect against threats in 500,000 emails and 100,000 malicious log-in attempts each month.
  • Achieved a 7% absolute reduction in fuel consumption over the last three years while the number of fleet assets increased by 4%.
  • Stellar compliance and safety record with best-in-class TRIR of 0.69, nearly 90% of all business units have gone one year or longer without a reportable incident or loss-time accident, and $40M estimated savings due to immediate preventative action.
  • Invested more than $1.6M in employee training in 2019 and more than $5M in the last 3 years to support new training opportunities every year.

 Cascade has experienced tremendous growth since publishing its first Corporate Sustainability Report in 2014. Since that time, the company has doubled its workforce, added ten locations, doubled annual revenue, and completed over 30,000 projects. “Our Compass Corporate Sustainability Program has served as the solid foundation for this growth and is reflected in our core purpose statement,” said Bruning.

 Cascade’s 2019 Annual Sustainability Report is available on the company’s website at

 About Cascade:

Cascade is a field services provider that partners with our clients to provide seamless environmental and geotechnical solutions from concept to completion. Our vision is to integrate technology, safety, sustainability and human potential to tackle the challenging environmental and geotechnical issues facing our clients. For more information on Cascade, please visit



From health & safety precautions to new communication venues- you haven't missed a beat. Many environmental and infrastructure projects continue to operate under the Essential Work designation and that's keeping you busy. We assure you that the Cascade team is readily available to respond to your needs whether that's happening in the field or from our office. We hope you enjoy this message from our team to yours.



Like so many of you, our management team continues to monitor and adapt to federal, state, and local agencies regarding our COVID-19 response.  Our employees continue to find creative ways to communicate, stay positive, and focus on the needs of our clients in these trying times.

Our number one priority has always been protecting the health and safety of our employees and those we serve.  It’s a company core value. We are doing our part to slow the spread of the virus and appreciate your patience and willingness to adapt to modifications in our work practices.  Let’s work together to stay focused and support one another.  Cascade is here to help:

  • Take advantage of remote learning opportunities. Our subject matter experts are committed to uninterrupted schedule of our bi-monthly webinars.  Our teams are available to provide Lunch and Learn sessions through a digital platform while you warm up those leftovers.
  • Pick up the phone or video chat and make a personal connection instead of emailing. Our sales team, administrative staff, and project managers are working from home and are ready to speak with you.
  • Keep your project on schedule. Our COVID-19 plan protects workers while maintaining the highest possible levels of productivity.  Cascade provides services designated as “essential” as defined by the Department of Homeland Security.  Download Statement of Assurance for Designation as Critical Infrastructure Supplier for details.  Our crews have received additional training for COVID-19 protection and response.  Our safety staff has updated work plans to address COVID-19 risks and precautions.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, we will provide additional correspondence.  In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or contact your local representative.



Nothing is business as usual right now, and may not be again for awhile. However, Cascade is committed to keeping your projects on schedule when possible.

Here’s a status update on our current situation:

  • Our field operations personnel continue to work, as permitted in local regions.
  • We have not yet experienced any significant impact to personnel, supplies or equipment.
  • We are deferring non-essential travel for our health and yours, but service managers and subject matter experts are still available to connect with you online, by phone or by email.

Even as needs change, we are still here to support you - whether it’s assistance with online training, health and safety planning, written plans, or even cleaning and disinfecting.

Please reach out to your Client Services Manager or contact us at [email protected] if there’s anything we can do. We’re ready to help.

All my best, and stay safe!

John Cowdery
Cascade Environmental



BOTHELL, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2020 / -- Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”) celebrates top honor with Environmental Business Journal®* (“EBJ”) this week. Cascade was recognized for its work at Boone Dam in northeastern Tennessee, where they drilled and installed 8” PVC pilot casing to direct the creation of a 55” flooded reverse secant pile seepage cut-off wall. After a sinkhole and muddy discharge were discovered near the base of the embankment, dam safety experts and engineers determined the structure was at risk of internal erosion and subsequent dam failure. Cascade conducted pilot borings for a vertical and plumb guide for the advancement and construction of a secant pile wall—which had never previously been done. Sonic drilling technology was selected for its tight verticality tolerance and to protect the embankment during epi-karst and bedrock drilling activities.

“On projects like this, the experience and ingenuity of our crews really make a significant impact on the project outcomes,” said John Cowdery, Chief Executive Officer at Cascade. “I’m proud we’ve been able to work on the Boone Dam project and help protect and reinforce the infrastructure the community relies upon.”

Cascade’s sonic drilling crew achieved near-perfect verticality in the first hole over 56 feet of vertical drilling. Once the first casing was completed, Cascade proceeded to drill 57 other locations on the project site. This type of geotechnical drilling ensures the long-term success of infrastructure projects.

If you would like to learn more about this project or how to work with Cascade, contact us at [email protected]



We are certainly in an unprecedented time as the World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 is now a global pandemic.  The Director-General of WHO asks us to focus on “prevention, preparedness, public health, political leadership, and most of all, people,” because, as he explains, “we’re in this together.”

Today and every day our highest priority is the health and safety of our employees, clients, and all the partners with whom we work.  In fact, it’s a Cascade core value.  COVID-19 is a serious issue and we are treating it as such.  Our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS), Human Resources, and Executive teams are working closely together to continuously monitor recommendations from the CDC, WHO, State Health Departments, and local community health officials as events rapidly unfold.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the actions implemented in the last two weeks to minimize risk of exposure.

Issued multiple employee communications on the importance of this issue, with guidance on hand washing, social distancing, reporting an illness, and other CDC recommendations

  • Updated and communicated our Business Continuity, Bloodborne Pathogen, and Pandemic Preparedness plans to include specific guidance on COVID-19
  • Encouraged employees to work from home (when their job allows) if there are concerns about potential exposure
  • Refraining from or deferring non-essential travel. Travel is limited to instances that are essential to our operation, can only be completed by physically being present, and do not create an unacceptable health hazard, travel to project sites is considered essential travel
  • Postponing, canceling, or moving to a digital platform all in-person meetings and large group gatherings
  • Refraining from attendance of conferences, workshops, and other large industry events
  • Postponed our own large company meeting planned for late March

We have not experienced any disruption in services and fully expect to meet the needs of our clients across the United States.

We expect the situation to continue to evolve over the upcoming weeks.  Our team will continue to provide updates and implement additional process and policy updates focused on health and safety, prevention, preparedness, public health, and most of all, people.

Cascade has always had a commitment to providing services where safety is paramount to everything we do.  Working together, we will get through this unnerving situation and continue to prosper into the future.


John W. Cowdery
Cascade Environmental


March 12, 2020--  Cascade continues to monitor the impact of COVID-19. We are taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of our employees and clients. We have not experienced any disruption in business and continue to offer drilling and remediation services to our clients.


November 2019--Cascade is proud to announce that we have opened an office in Macon, GA to better serve our clients in the Southeast. If you have upcoming DPT drilling, HRSC or injection needs, let us help. Request a quote.


NOVEMBER 2019--Please extend a warm welcome to Chris Pruner. Chris has recently come on board as of Vice President of Operations, Northern California In his role, Chris is responsible for the overall leadership, growth, and financial success of drilling operations in the region.

Chris is an industry veteran with extensive experience in environmental, geotechnical and water well drilling. He’s done it all:  sales, operations, fleet maintenance, safety, and project management.

You can reach Chris by email at [email protected] or mobile at (925) 787-0727.


May 29, 2019.  Cascade Technical Services, a nationwide leader in in situ injected remedies for remediation of chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons and other regulated substances, announces the appointment of remediation expert Eliot Cooper as Vice President of Technology and Business Development.

Mr. Cooper’s environmental remediation career spans over 30 years, specializing in injected remedy delivery, remediation design support, characterization of VOCs and tackling complex sites by combining multiple remediation technologies. Mr. Cooper’s work history includes eight years at the Environmental Protection Agency in both air pollution and hazardous waste management programs, ten years with Amoco Oil thermal combustion group, and eighteen years at Vironex and Cascade providing in situ remediation field services. Eliot will focus on leading the remediation injection team to evaluate available technologies to meet our clients’ goals which involves focusing Cascade’s efforts on bringing the right remediation solution to each site based on his years of experience at hundreds of sites across the U.S.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Eliot to Cascade,” said Peter Palko, Executive Vice President of Operations. “Eliot’s a well-known expert in this industry and brings a broad range of groundwater remediation experience capable of supporting Cascade’s full suite of site investigation and environmental remediation services.”

“It’s great to be at Cascade and working with their dedicated group of thermal, remediation injection, and characterization teams,” said Cooper. “Not only do I look forward to supporting our clients with applying best practices for existing in situ solutions at their sites, but also bringing them new technologies and approaches that can enhance remedial design characterization, amendment distribution, and contact.”



BOTHELL, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2019 / -- Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), a leading field services contractor of drilling, site investigation, and remediation services celebrates Earth Day with the release of its 2018 Corporate Sustainability 22Report.

“We are taking our reporting efforts to the next level with this, our fifth annual report,” explains Sue Bruning, Chair of Cascade’s Sustainability Council. “This report covers the calendar year 2018 and, in many places, we’ve included data from our two previous reports to help our stakeholders understand the trends in our business and our progress towards stated goals. The data provided in the report represents the entire Cascade family of brands and has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option,” says Bruning.

The topics and data provided in this report were thoughtfully identified through extensive engagement efforts and material assessments. Highlights of the report include:

  • World-class behavior-based safety program that has institutionalized hazard identification and risk mitigation throughout the organization, leading to an unprecedented OSHA Total Recordable Injury Rate of 0.58 for environmental field services industry.
  • Sustainable sourcing practices to optimize business with preferred suppliers and promote strategic relationships with local vendors, including new vendor screening and 30% increase in spending with certified diversity-owned businesses
  • Increased fleet fuel efficiency through the implementation of electronic logging devices, updating over-the-road and off-road assets, and utilization of electric drill rigs
  • Launch of Cascade Diverse Workforce Initiative to tackle diversity and inclusion challenges for ethnic minorities, women, and veterans in the traditionally male-dominated field services industry

Cascade’s 2018 Annual Sustainability Report is available on the company’s website at



BOTHELL, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2019 / -- Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), a leading field services contractor of drilling, site investigation, and remediation services recently launched an employee-led initiative to address diversity concerns in the traditionally male-dominated field services industry.

The Cascade Diverse Workforce Initiative (CDWI) is a group of Cascade employees who lead, advocate for, coordinate, inform, and monitor the strategic diversity management process at Cascade. The objective of the initiative is to provide a diverse workplace where employees thrive personally and professionally. Emphasis is placed on membership, communication, outreach and education.

In 2018, Cascade CEO John Cowdery led the organization in an assessment of the company’s core values. “We believe that diversity is a key component to our company’s success and sustainability into the future,” explained Cowdery, “and felt it necessary to include diversity as one of our core values. The CDWI is testament to Cascade’s commitment to diversity throughout our entire organization.”

Members of the CDWI elected seven council officers: Mary Place, Nikole Stone, Jessica Bacon, Shannon Tullos, Jessica Alexander, Andrea Nutt, and Orlin Francis. “I am honored to be voted in as the Chair of the Cascade Diverse Workforce Initiative,” said Mary Place. “I look forward to supporting the company’s core values of diversity and growth in everything we do. The energy and excitement surrounding these efforts is bringing diversity to the forefront of our organization. Our efforts benefit the Cascade workforce as well as our clients and supply chain partners.”

The company’s diversity and inclusion efforts are focused specifically on attracting and retaining ethnic minorities, women, and veterans through recruiting and hiring processes. Additionally, the CDWI is evaluating career progression, employee benefit, and marketing programs to address the needs of a well-balanced workforce.

Workforce diversity is included in Compass™, Cascade’s Corporate Sustainability Program and includes targets for representation of women, minorities and veterans. “Our goal is to increase engagement to become the company of choice for employees and clients,” said Ken Moses, Chief People Officer. “Our Diverse Workforce Initiative is working diligently to address this. We are looking for ways to make not just our company but the field services industry attractive to all. Our efforts focus on recruiting and increasing engagement by giving our stakeholders a voice to let us know what we can do to support them.”


BOTHELL, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2019 / -- Cascade Environmental(“Cascade”), a leading field services contractor of drilling, site investigation, and remediation services, announced that industry veteran Sean Fanning has joined Cascade as Chief Financial Officer. Sean replaces Tyler Kopet who was appointed CFO in 2013.

Sean has over 20 years of drilling industry experience in both the mining and environmental sectors. His background includes both public and privately-held companies as well as private-equity. Sean has extensive experience driving successful integrations and executing strategic growth initiatives. Sean holds a Bachelor of Economics from Adelaide University (Australia). He is a member of the Colorado and the Utah Society of CPAs and the American Institute of CPAs.

John Cowdery, Cascade CEO, said of Fanning’s appointment, “We are very excited about Sean joining our team. Sean’s industry experience combined with his expertise in operational and financial systems will be a real boost for Cascade. He is knowledgeable about multiple markets and international opportunities. I am confident Sean’s leadership will take Cascade to the next level.”

Sean begins his appointment in mid-March. “I am genuinely looking forward to working with John and the entire Cascade organization,” said Fanning. “I share the team’s passion and enthusiasm for delivering solutions. Together, we will profitably grow the company and solidify its position as the premier drilling and remediation company in the USA.”


BOTHELL, WA, USA, February 20, 2019 / -- Environmental Business Journal® (“EBJ”), a business research publication which provides high value strategic business intelligence to the environmental industry, has selected Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”) for three 2018 Business Achievement Awards for Technology Merit in Remediation and Project Merit in Remediation.

“We are honored by this prestigious industry recognition, as it demonstrates our commitment to excellence on every level and helping our clients achieve their project goals,” said John Cowdery, Chief Executive Officer at Cascade. “I am proud of our crews, engineers, technical experts, and support staff. Everyone in our company from field to office personnel contributes to our success and to our achievement, and they are the ones who have earned this recognition.”

Cascade was recognized in the Technology Merit in Remediation category for the completion of an in situ thermally enhanced bioremediation project at a Class 2 inactive hazardous waste disposal site under NYSDEC’s State Superfund Program. The company was also recognized twice in the Project Merit in Remediation category. The first project was one in which TerraTherm, a Cascade Company, successfully treated 87,008 m3 of soils contaminated with dioxins from the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam. The second project was one headed by Jacobs in which Cascade operated as a subcontractor. Together, they completed Area 1 in situ thermal treatment (ISTT) remediation at the Velsicol Chemical Superfund Site.

Installation of thermal remediation system at inactive hazardous waste disposal site

The 2018 EBJ awards will be presented at a special ceremony at the Environmental Industry Summit XVII in San Diego, Calif. on March 20, 2019. The Environmental Industry Summit is an annual three-day executive retreat hosted by EBI, Inc.

To learn more about the projects for which Cascade was recognized, reach out to Anna Hansen at [email protected]


BOTHELL, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2019 / -- Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), a leading field services contractor of drilling, site investigation, and remediation services, has appointed Ron Thalacker as Executive Vice President of Operations, Drilling Services and Peter Palko as Executive Vice President of Operations, Technical Services.

“This organizational alignment is the most recent step in our continued focus on delivering seamless environmental and geotechnical solutions to our clients,” explains CEO John Cowdery. “With national responsibilities over their lines of business, Pete and Ron are driving consistency in process, culture, and--most importantly--quality service for our clients.”

Thalacker joined Cascade in 2016 as Senior Vice President of Drilling Operations with regional responsibilities. With over thirty years of experience in the drilling industry, he has a deep understanding of the operational and project management aspects of environmental and geotechnical drilling. Under his leadership, Cascade Drilling will continue to expand its geographic footprint to meet demand in key environmental and geotechnical markets. “Our priority for this year is simple: continue to invest in our crews of highly skilled field service and project management professionals, and enhance our fleet of rigs and specialty equipment to enable them to complete work safely, on-time and on-budget,” said Thalacker. “We are striving to be the company of choice for both our employees and the clients we serve.”

Mr. Thalacker holds a Bachelor of Administration and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Palko joined Cascade through the acquisition of Medford, New Jersey-based Panther Technologies in 2016, bringing over 30 years of environmental experience in water well drilling, site investigation, conventional and innovative remediation technology design and implementation, as well as civil and mechanical installations, engineering, and health and safety management. Since that time, Pete has played a pivotal role in growing Cascade’s field services offerings, including soil mixing and trenchless permeable reactive barriers. In his new role, Pete oversees Cascade’s site characterization and environmental remediation services from coast to coast. “We are successful when clients have confidence in our abilities to provide solutions across all aspects of a project, no matter the complexity,” said Palko. “This next step of internal integration of service lines will enhance collaboration and resource sharing throughout the organization driving quality and client confidence.”

Mr. Palko is a registered Professional Engineer, Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, and Licensed Site Remediation Professional. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce and Engineering/Operations Management from Drexel University.

BOTHELL, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, September 5, 2018 / -- Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”) is proud to share the prestigious recognition of Top 200 Environmental Firms by Engineering News-Record (ENR) for the fifth year running. Cascade is ranked #64 this year, jumping up eight spots from the 2017 list.

While the overall sentiment is optimistic, changes in the Top 200 list reflected the tough market conditions over the last year. Cascade points to its comprehensive suite of environmental and geotechnical services and integrated technologies as the key to the company’s continued growth. “Technology will continue to be a leading driver in the environmental services market,” explains John Cowdery, Cascade Environmental CEO. “We are well-positioned to support our consulting and engineering clients with an innovative technology-based approach to site characterization and environmental remediation.”

According to ENR, rankings are based on prior year revenue, in the global environmental services market—in areas from hazardous and nuclear waste cleanup to environmental sciences and water-wastewater treatment facility design and construction. The complete list is available on the ENR website at


Bothell, WA, May 7, 2018.  Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”) is pleased to announce that John Cowdery has joined the Company as President and CEO.

“John’s extensive background in the environmental industry and experience driving operational excellence uniquely qualifies him to successfully lead Cascade into the future,” says John Kenny, Co-Chairman of Cascade.  “The Board is eager to support John in the transition to his new role.”

“I’m honored to be a part of an organization that truly understands the needs of the environmental services industry,” comments Cowdery.  “Cascade has evolved its suite of services by investing in people and technology to support our customers with innovative solutions to complex issues.  This is an exciting opportunity to further strengthen Cascade’s position as a fully-integrated service provider to the geotechnical and environmental markets.”

Prior to joining Cascade, Cowdery served as President of the Environmental Sector for TRC Companies where he was responsible for leading the growth strategy for the $300 million division within TRC.  Previously, Cowdery has held leadership positions at ICF International, Jones & Stokes Associates and ATC Group Services. He has over 30 years of experience in the environmental industry delivering exceptional results in revenue growth, profitability, operational improvements, employee engagement, strategic planning, and mergers & acquisitions. Cowdery holds a Master of Business Administration from Saint Mary’s College in California and a Master of Science in Health from Southern Illinois University.


Report highlights environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic investment efforts  

Cascade is pleased to share its 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report with our stakeholders. The report is in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Core Guidelines. GRI is the internationally recognized sustainability reporting framework that enables companies and organizations to measure, understand and communicate their sustainability efforts.

“Our reporting effort has evolved into a multi-stakeholder, year-long process,” explains Sue Bruning, Chair of Cascade’s Sustainability Council. “We benefit greatly from the flexibility of the GRI framework which allows our team to identify and pursue the issues most meaningful to our employees, our clients, our vendors, and other stakeholders.”

Highlights of Cascade’s 2017 Sustainability Report include:

  • Our world-class safety program continued to foster safe work behavior with industry-leading statistics. 87% of our operating locations have gone a year or more without a single reportable incident and over 45,000 accident prevention actions recorded. Our total recordable incident rate remains under 1.0.
  • Our team achieved 6% revenue growth under tough market conditions. We continue to grow our Technical Services group by providing more sustainability-based technologies and services. Our experts are dedicated to streamlining your project progress, reducing total project cost, and increasing the surety of remediation outcomes with our tools.
  • We launched SUMMIT™, Cascade’s Continuous Improvement Program, as a platform to drive organizational efficiency and foster collaboration across all business lines. The program initiatives are designed to deliver superior service for our clients, improve vendor relations, and enhance the employee experience.
  • We invested $1.5M to deliver over 61,800 hours of employee training building knowledge, skills, and capabilities that advance individual and team performance.

Cascade’s 2017 Annual Sustainability Report is available on the Company’s website at

About Cascade:
Cascade is the leading provider of geotechnical and environmental drilling, high resolution site characterization, and environmental remediation applications in the United States. Our vision is to integrate technology, safety, sustainability and human potential to tackle the challenging environmental and geotechnical issues facing our clients. For more information on Cascade, please visit

Sue Bruning
Sustainability Council Chair
[email protected]
(206) 795-5369


As part of ITRC's Affiliate Program, Cascade will be at the forefront of technology developments and deployment, and be a part of developing materials around regulatory guidance and training.  This will allow Cascade to deliver the most updated information to our clients so they can address their environmental challenges in the best possible way.


In the November issue of GeoDrilling Interational, we had the opportunity to be highlighted for our work done in partnership with Florida State University Master's student Kyle Turner.  Mr. Turner's thesis focuses on the search for more rare earth elements.

Click the image to read the article.


Effective Monday, 11/13, our corporate office will have a new location.  No other changes will be made as our phone numbers are staying the same.  Please note this is a separate location and phone number from our Woodinville Drilling office.  See below for all our corporate information.  If you have questions, please give us a call or email us [email protected].

New Corporate Address:

22722 29th Drive SE

Suite 228

Bothell, WA 98021


Engineering News-Record (ENR) results are out and Cascade Environmental has secured the #72 ranking in this year’s ENR’s Top 200 Environmental Firms, up 12 spots from last year. ENR recognizes these top firms for revenue and growth despite an uncertain 2016 market.  Ranking is based on the percentage of 2016 gross revenue for environmental services.  The team at Cascade would like to thank ENR for this prestigious recognition.  View the full list here.

In addition, Cascade ranks #19 this year with the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies - East Side list.  This list recognizes companies in Seattle’s East Side that have increased revenue from 2014 – 2016 by an average of 144.7 percent.  We are very honored by this recognition and want to thank all of our clients and employees who have made this growth possible.




GARDNER, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, August 8, 2017 / -- TerraTherm, Inc. of Gardner Massachusetts USA (TerraTherm) and Nelson Environmental Remediation, Ltd. of Spruce Grove Alberta Canada (Nelson) have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to bring proprietary thermal remediation technology to select Canadian markets. The MOU is a first step toward a formal sublicense agreement, granting Nelson rights to patented technology exclusive to certain areas in Canada.

The scope of thermal technologies available from Nelson and TerraTherm is the most comprehensive on the market, including Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH), Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH), Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) or combinations of these technologies.

The exclusive Heated Box (HB1100) thermal technology for ex situ treatment on-site will also be offered to the Canadian market. In this method, contaminated soil is treated in batches in a thermal heating system on the surface, allowing the soil to be rapidly decontaminated and reused on the site itself.

Jim Engdahl, Nelson’s recently appointed CEO, says "This is one of the first steps in my new role to diversify Nelson’s remediation technology offerings worldwide.” Engdahl was appointed Director and CEO in March 2017.

“This new partnership brings innovative solutions to the Canadian remediation market,” says James Galligan, TerraTherm’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “The success of our continued international expansion is due in large part to the dedication of partners like Nelson. We choose only the most experienced remediation leaders to deliver our world class proprietary thermal technologies. No other thermal provider offers all mainstream in situ thermal remediation technologies as well as ex situ alternatives in- house,” explains Galligan.

About TerraTherm:
TerraTherm, Inc., a subsidiary of Cascade Environmental, is a worldwide leader in the development and implementation of in situ and on-site thermal remediation systems. TerraTherm designs, builds, and operates, from design to closure, Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH), Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE), Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH), or combinations of such methods. For more information about TerraTherm, visit

About Nelson
Nelson Environmental Remediation Ltd is a Western Canadian based environmental contractor specializing in soil remediation and contaminated site preparation and restoration. Nelson’s unique mobile, thermal soil remediation system is cost-effective, has a predictable timeline, eliminates liability issues attached to a site, and results in beneficial re-use soil. Nelson has successfully remediated contaminated sites worldwide over their 25-year history. Learn more about Nelson at

James Galligan
email us here


June 7, 2017 - Cascade was recently awarded the 2017 PG&E Gold Shovel Standard certification for our commitment to excavation safety. Safety not only protects people, it helps everyone save time, money and fosters strong relationships with all stakeholders. We are very honored to be recognized for our commitment to safety. The Gold Shovel Standard was created by PG&E in 2015 to raise awareness of and prevent the damaging of underground utilities during excavation projects.
Learn more in this recent article.


May 21, 2017 - The 2016 Report highlights Cascade’s evolution from drilling company to fully integrated environmental service provider

Cascade has recently released its third Annual Sustainability Report. Sustainability reporting is the foundation of Compass™, the company’s Corporate Sustainability Program.

“Sustainability reporting is a valuable process that helps us identify the issues material to our stakeholders and our organization. It also helps us continually align our efforts with the goals and expectations of our stakeholders,” explains Cascade CEO, Tim Smith. “This year’s report celebrates the 25th anniversary of the original Cascade Drilling and marks the new beginning for today’s Cascade Environmental brand,” said Smith.

The report is in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Core Guidelines. GRI is the internationally recognized sustainability reporting framework that enables companies and organizations to measure, understand and communicate their sustainability efforts.

Highlights of Cascade’s 2016 Sustainability Report include:

  • Industry-leading safety and compliance record with total recordable incident rate under 1.0 and 60% of locations operating one year or longer without a single recordable injury
  • Successful completion of five strategic acquisitions
  • Triple digit year-over-year revenue growth
  • Introduction of new brand identity and organization structure to strengthen partnerships with the environmental and engineering consulting community
  • Launch of new website to deliver valuable resources and encourage stakeholder engagement
  • Investment of over $28M in fleet, technology and facilities to enhance employee safety and productivity


CLICK HERE to download Cascade’s 2016 Annual Sustainability Report

Sue Bruning
Sustainability Council Chair
[email protected]
(206) 795-5369


April 7, 2017 – Cascade is pleased to announce the addition of a full service environmental and geotechnical drilling office in Canyon Lake, TX. The office is conveniently located between San Antonio and Austin, servicing Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. We have extensive experience in sonic drilling and continuous core sampling, conventional coring, rotary drilling, monitoring well installation, development, rehabilitation, abandonment, and wide range of groundwater and soil sampling. With our diverse drilling fleet and experienced crews, even the most difficult conditions are no challenge for us. In conjunction with our nearby Houston location, our clients now have access to a full suite of drilling, investigation and remediation services. Crews are now available for geotechnical and environmental projects.

  • Sonic Continuous Soil Coring
  • Conventional Coring
  • Air and Mud Rotary Drilling
  • Hollow-stem Auger Drilling
  • Monitoring Well Installation
  • Geotechnical Sampling
  • Vacuum Hole Clearing
  • Air Knife Potholing and Sampling
  • Well Development
  • Pump Services
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Management and Disposal of Investigation Derived Waste

Request a Quote if you are interested in services


To ensure you experience the highest of safety standards on your projects we recently formed a Drillers Committee comprised of experts selected because of their industry proficiency and commitment to safety. The committee meets regularly to discuss and learn from recent incidents and safety concerns to continuously improve the excellence of our Safety Program. Care has been taken to assure that all drilling types be represented ranging from rotary to geo-probes in addition a member from Tech Services is on the committee as the two fields often work hand in hand. The information this committee can provide will be essential to our daily operations. Please welcome all of the members of this newly formed Drillers Committee:

Jimmy Hall, BU112 Aiken. Driller/Field Supervisor and 2017 Elite Driller

Rob Allegrezza, BU601 Minneola. Experienced Auger, Probe Operator

Todd Schmalfeldt, BU117 Schofield. Driller/Field Supervisorand 2016 Elite Driller

Rashid Malyukov, BU602. Experienced Auger Drill Operator

Dustin King, BU109 Sacramento. Driller/Field Supervisor

Zane Huckins, BU110 Federal Way. Experienced Sonic DrillOperator

Jose Hernandez, BU112 Upland. Experienced Sonic Drill Operator

Zachary Fordley, BU203 Albany. Field Tech/Supervisor

Lance Chi, EHS Regional Manager

Dale Duscher, EHS Regional Manager

Brook King, EHS Regional Manager



March 25, 2017 – Cascade is pleased to announce the opening of a brand new office in West Jordan, UT. Under the direction of Matt Gallegos, the location provides a full range of environmental and geotechnical drilling services throughout the states of Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada and Idaho.  The crews maintain an extensive fleet of sonic, auger, direct push, air and mud rotary, coring and vacuum clearing, and support equipment.

“We’ve witnessed a strong demand for competitive, experienced drilling services in the Mountain West recently,” said Gary Crueger, Cascade’s Senior Vice President of Drilling Services. “With an office centrally located in the region, we can provide the highest quality service our customers have come to expect in terms of safety, operations and sustainability but now with more flexibility in scheduling and mobilization.”

Crews are now available for geotechnical and environmental services:

  • Air Knife Potholing and Sampling
  • Angle Drilling
  • ASTM Sample Collection
  • Barge Drilling
  • Bedrock Coring
  • Construction Site Dewatering
  • Geotechnical Sampling
  • Management and Disposal of Investigation Derived Waste
  • Packer Testing
  • Permeability Testing
  • Pump Services
  • Soil Coring
  • Subsurface Investigation
  • Vacuum Hole Clearing
  • Vertical Aquifer Profiling
  • Well Development
  • Well Installation
  • Well Rehabilitation


 Contact Darla Powell, Business Development Manager
 [email protected]






March 6, 2017 (Woodinville, WA) – Cascade Technical Services is the first environmental services provider to offer onsite analyses for the class of emerging contaminants of concern known as PFAS (poly and perfluorinated alkyl substances). This is not a screening technique, it is a full capability laboratory brought to the site. This is the newest addition to Cascade’s MobiLab service line which provides fully defensible laboratory analyses for any project location in an accredited onsite laboratory.

PFAS are extremely stable, man-made chemicals used to make a wide variety of specialty coatings and fire suppression foam (Aqueous Film Forming Foams or AFFF). Due to the strength of the carbon-fluorine bond these chemicals are very stable and persistent in the environment. They are highly soluble and sorb only moderately to organic matter and mineral surfaces, meaning they migrate readily in the subsurface. They have been detected in surface water, sediments, groundwater, soil, and air, as well is in animal and human blood around the globe. They are known to concentrate in the food chain and in the human body.  Since these chemicals are persistent, mobile, toxic, and have been the subject of significant litigation, they have attracted considerable attention in the environmental industry.

The US EPA recently established health advisory levels of 0.070 ug/L for perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in drinking water. Industrial manufacturing sites typically have relatively few PFAS compounds (primarily PFOS and PFOA) while the AFFF sites have very complex chemistry with hundreds of compounds present. Due to the very low detection limits and the potentially complex chemistry, laboratory analyses have only recently been developed to address the problem. In situ remedial technologies are largely untested at the present time.

Our PFAS MobiLab uses state of the art solid phase extraction and liquid chromatography (LC/MS/MS) to confidently identify and quantify PFAS in water and soil/sediment matrices. This allows for the use of dynamic work strategies which keep investigations focused and efficient. It also allows for identification of potential cross contamination due to sampling activities while in the field. The opportunities for cross contamination during PFAS sampling are abundant due to the prevalence of these compounds in our daily lives. This has been a significant challenge on many site characterization and remediation projects. With MobiLab’s PFAS analyses, sources of cross contamination can be isolated and eliminated in the field before the field work is completed, increasing confidence in the results of the sampling program.

MobiLab provides flexibility and a customized sampling program for any remediation site. The sample preparation and injection may incorporate either direct sample injection or an in-line, solid phase extraction/enrichment. Plus, analyses can be augmented with analyses for volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds for complex contaminant mixtures such as those that are often found at firefighting training areas. The detection limits are in the low tens of parts-per-trillion (ppt) to single digit ppt levels. Sample throughput is typically about 30 samples per day, with results available within hours of sampling and the day after sampling for non-critical results.

“This is really a game-changer in terms of the ability of site investigators to apply state of the science dynamic work strategies and high resolution characterization methods to PFAS sites. The value of near-real time data at a price that is competitive with fixed laboratories for much longer turnarounds brings tremendous value to our clients,” said Seth Pitkin, Cascade’s National Director of Site Characterization Services.

For more information contact Seth Pitkin, National Director of Site Characterization Services
[email protected]


March 1, 2017 (Woodinville, WA) – Cascade Environmental Holdings, LLC (Cascade) is pleased to announce the acquisition of In Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) technology provider Global Remediation Solutions, Inc. (GRS).

GRS is one of a limited number of ISTR providers in North America specializing in Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) technology. The experienced team of engineers, project managers and field technicians have been designing, installing and operating effective remediation solutions targeting the most challenging site conditions and recalcitrant contaminants for decades.

The newly acquired group will operate under TerraTherm, Inc., a subsidiary of Cascade Environmental. The acquisition of GRS strengthens TerraTherm’s market position as the only thermal vendor offering all mainstream ISTR technologies in-house.

“The GRS team brings extensive ERH remediation experience to TerraTherm. The GRS smart ERH technology coupled with our large fleet of treatment systems and process engineering capability is unique among thermal vendors,” says John Bierschenk, President and Co-founder of TerraTherm.

TerraTherm will take on GRS’ ongoing projects along with their entire technical team. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


Cascade is pleased to announce that it was chosen to receive the 2016 EBJ New Practice Area Award. This distinguished honor recognizes the 2016 launch of Cascade Technical Services (CTS) which expanded Cascade’s business to provide integrated environmental investigation, characterization and remediation services. Cascade is also recognized with the Mergers & Acquisitions Award celebrating another year of strategic growth through the successful 2016 acquisitions of the Field Services Division of Stone Environmental Inc., Panther Technologies Inc., GeoSierra Environmental Inc. and Alliance Maintenance & Services.

Additional information of the EBJ Awards as well as the complete list of recipients is available at


December 6, 2016 (Woodinville, WA) – Cascade Environmental Holdings, LLC (Cascade), the leading provider of environmental and geotechnical drilling, high resolution site characterization, and in situ remediation applications is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Environmental Drilling Division of National Exploration, Wells & Pumps (National EWP). With this acquisition, Cascade welcomes a distinguished team of licensed drillers and highly experienced field crews as it expands its fleet of drilling rigs and specialty equipment throughout the Western region.

National EWP provides a full range of environmental and geotechnical drilling services throughout the Western US including environmental sampling, well installation, development, rehabilitation, and abandonment. “National has earned the trust of their clients through hard work and dedication,” said Tim Smith, CEO of Cascade. “Our shared commitment to safety and reliable service will not change. With this acquisition, clients have greater access to local experience across all the drilling technologies and service lines. Our deep bench of expertise is readily accessible to bring solutions to challenging sites,” said Smith.

The acquisition includes National EWP’s offices in Montclair, CA; Woodland, CA; Richmond, CA; Peralta, NM; and Las Vegas, NV as well as environmental fleet assets and personnel from the Gilbert, AZ location. The group will operate under Cascade Drilling, L.P. National EWP will retain its mining, water, and energy operations under its own brand identity. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


Cascade’s ELITE Driller Program seeks to recognize the company’s most outstanding drillers who have demonstrated exceptional performance with a commitment to the Company’s core values of safety, quality, growth, innovation and sustainability.

The Nominating Committee has completed its review of the 57 nominees (fantastic participation!) and has selected this year’s inductees. Each nomination was carefully reviewed and rated on criteria related to performance, safety, skill, leadership and accountability. Cascade is very fortunate to have so many experienced, skillful drillers willing to go out of their way to ensure the job gets done safely and exceeds the expectations of our demanding clients.

To all of our nominees-

Being considered by your colleagues as worthy of ELITE Driller status is a great honor and your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you for your dedication to our Company and please know that because of your high quality performance, your 2016 nomination will automatically be included in the 2017 Elite Driller selection process.

So, without further ado, our 2016 Inductees for the ELITE Driller Program are:





Congratulations on achieving the status of ELITE Driller. Such a tremendous accomplishment is equally regarded and rewarded.

Distribution of the benefits for this year’s Inductees include but are not limited to:

  • Invitation to Cascade’s 2017 Kickoff Meeting where the ELITE Driller Induction Ceremony will be held
  • A plaque for each ELITE Driller placed in the Cascade Drilling Hall Of Fame at the Corporate Office
  • A personalized announcement enshrined in the Cascade Connection which highlights the ELITE Driller’s work history, merits, qualifications, and contributions to Cascade
  • Serve a two year term on the “ELITE Driller Commission”. The ELITE Driller Commission is an ad-doc group of ELITE Drillers that proposes recommendations pertaining to drilling operations, safety procedures, Cascade's company strategy, and related issues
  • Issued a company iPad for work related purposes and to help promote the adoption of leading edge technology and work practices within Cascade
  • Annual “Spend Account” that provides funds that may be used to benefit the company at the ELITE Driller’s discretion
  • Continuing opportunities for compensation may also be provided for:
    • Obtaining new Driller's Licenses
    • Recruiting new Licensed Drillers to CDLP
    • Significant process Improvements or Equipment Innovations
    • Revenue generated from the employees Drillers license
  • Direct financial compensation at the Company’s discretion
  • A new Company-leased work pickup truck


Nov 21, 2016

Congratulations to Mike Bentley from our Marietta, OH location and his drilling crew for their prestigious safety recognition from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. Mike coordinated drilling crews and equipment from Cascade offices across the country- California, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ohio. The crews ran five rigs during the day and four at night for a long-term major infrastructure project in Pennsylvania. Cascade was part a larger project team which together achieved over 250,000 man hours with zero loss time accidents. Thank you to all of our Cascade employees for your continuous dedication to safety on every project.

Photo courtesy of Media Defense


On November 3rd we held a workshop and networking event at the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville, WA. It started with a demonstration of three types of drilling equipment followed by lunch, workshops, a panel discussion and happy hour.

It was a very warm and casual setting to have discussions with attendees.  With plenty of face-time, presenters were able to effectively give a synopsis on the history and how our new services fit together in projects.  Attendees were appreciative of the sequence and how it all fit together.

Several attendees reported that they really enjoyed the drill demonstrations and said it was a great overview and visual of what is done in the field. The demonstrations were effective in showing our commitment to safety, our versatility and our level of expertise and experience.

“I think the event educated some of the younger attendees in the options for investigation that they were not aware of, including some of the HRSC tools besides MIP,” Anthony Gianetti says of the event. They seemed excited about what it can do.”

Overall it was a great event and we hope to have more of them in the future.

Don Larson explains sample retrieval

Drilling demonstration

Workshops on new technologies for remediation

Souvenir glasses, lunch and fresh brewed beer

Panel discussion



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