We Value Our Veterans

At Cascade, we are proud to recruit and employ Armed Forces veterans and utilize the skills and work ethic they’ve developed during their service.

We employ veterans across the country, where they apply their discipline, analytical skills and leadership abilities to every project site and solution. We work hard to make Cascade a company that demonstrates our appreciation through competitive pay, benefits, career investment and advancement.

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Veterans Jon Whanger, Chris Ottinger, Fred Kraus.

What Veteran Employees Say About Cascade

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

Director of Talent Acquisition

“Being that the majority of my professional, adult career was spent in the armed forces, I was quite concerned about how well I would get along in a ‘corporate setting.’

I was pleased to find that the morale and comradery within Cascade was very similar to that of the units I had been assigned throughout my Air Force career.

Cascade is a company in which I feel at home, an organization that truly values the diverse experiences of its employees—especially veteran employees. Not only does Cascade make every effort to recruit veterans, but they’ve hired a female veteran—myself—to coordinate these efforts. The company makes a true effort to find ways in which veterans’ transferable skills can be practically applied in our bread-and-butter positions throughout various departments.”

Herb Rounds

Herb Rounds

Project Coordinator

I have had the honor to work for Cascade for the last five years, and can’t say enough about how fulfilling it has been to transition from the Marine Corps to this company.

My time here has afforded me great opportunities to not only grow as an employee but as a person.

The opportunities to advance at Cascade are limitless: through Cascade Coins (which are akin to the military’s Challenge Coins), employee recognition for both safety and performance, and obviously pay and career advancement opportunities. They want employees to grow personally and professionally beyond just the workplace. I was able to work with our leadership to fully utilize my GI Bill and finish my degree while working here concurrently. Additionally, Cascade offers their own tuition reimbursement for a multitude of courses that may not be covered under the GI Bill.

As an employee you’re more than just a cog in the machine and what you are doing is meaningful work that is integral to the success of the company. I strongly encourage all veterans who are looking for a rewarding career to look at Cascade.”

Christopher Koski

Christopher Koski

Driller Assistant

I could not be happier with my choice of career.

The people I work with every day are top notch and have always made me feel like a part of the team.

The training our crews receive is amazing, and has really prepared me for the challenges that come along with drilling.

In the Navy, I learned a lot about working with machinery and I became very familiar with heavy equipment. Naturally, the type of work that Cascade does fits in well with what I learned in the service. I’ve enjoyed the traveling and am always impressed by how well the company takes care of us while we’re on the road. Cascade’s focus on safety and training are a huge perk for me, and I think a career in environmental drilling would be rewarding for any of my veteran brothers and sisters.

John McAssey

John McAssey

Vice President, Operations

After five years in the United States Marine Corps, I began my career in the environmental industry as a Field Technician. After 25 years, I am now a Vice President, and can confidently say my career at Cascade has been as rewarding and fulfilling as my military service.

My involvement in my unit’s HAZMAT program in Okinawa exposed me to OSHA training and sparked my initial interest in the environmental field.

I gained skills during my time in the service that benefited my career in environmental drilling.

At the time that I joined Vironex (which was acquired by Cascade in 2015), the company was made up of about 90% veterans.  This culture reinforced the same values and beliefs that were instilled in me in the Marine Corps.

The most rewarding aspect of my career at Cascade has been the ability to lead my team and grow a company with a solid foundation. Clients rely on me, and my superiors trust me to do the job right. That level of trust and freedom provides me with a sense of ownership over my work and my career, and I find that truly valuable.

Jason Williams

Jason Williams

Drilling Assistant

Cascade is a really good career choice for separating veterans because the crews we work with in the field are very tight knit, similar to the bond you share with other service members in the military.

The military prepared me for my career at Cascade by providing me with discipline, structure and motivation.

Veterans are well prepared to handle stressful situations, and we’re accustomed to working with diverse groups of people and pulling together as a team to accomplish our goals. In essence, that is what we do at Cascade – we work together and learn from one another to get the job done efficiently and safely.

I’m proud of my career, both in the military and at Cascade, and I’m proud to be part of such an amazing team that takes the time to teach me new skills in environmental drilling.  I’m very excited to be a part of the Cascade team and look forward to a long and successful career.

Kiel Hendricks

Kiel Hendricks

Project Manager

I served in the Army as an MP, or “Military Police,” from 2007 to 2011 and began my transition to the drilling industry in 2019. What I’ve enjoyed most about my career at Cascade is the team element and the comradery. In a field role, there are many similarities to the military.

We work hard to accomplish the mission and we take great pride in getting the job done safely and to a high standard.

Cascade is a really great career option for service members because there are many different career paths you can take, and the employees here recognize hard work and will help you however they can. Just like the military, we have to improvise, adapt and overcome challenges to get the job done. The military prepared me to be successful at Cascade by installing in me organizational skills, the ability to work with diverse individuals, a go-getter attitude, discipline, and most importantly, a tremendous focus on safety. In less than a year, with a positive attitude and a passion for learning, I’ve been promoted to a Project Manager position in Richmond, California. I very much look forward to continuing my career advancement with Cascade.

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