Cascade’s ELITE Driller Program seeks to recognize the company’s most outstanding drillers who have demonstrated exceptional performance with a commitment to the Company’s core values of safety, quality, growth, innovation and sustainability.

The Nominating Comittee has completed its review of the 57 nominees (fantastic participation!) and has selected this year’s inductees. Each nomination was carefully reviewed and rated on criteria related to performance, safety, skill, leadership and accountability. Cascade is very fortunate to have so many experienced, skillful drillers willing to go out of their way to ensure the job gets done safely and exceeds the expectations of our demanding clients.

To all of our nominees-

Being considered by your colleagues as worthy of ELITE Driller status is a great honor and your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you for your dedication to our Company and please know that because of your high quality performance, your 2016 nomination will automatically be included in the 2017 Elite Driller selection process.

So, without further ado, our 2016 Inductees for the ELITE Driller Program are:





Congratulations on achieving the status of ELITE Driller. Such a tremendous accomplishment is equally regarded and rewarded.

Distribution of the benefits for this year’s Inductees include but are not limited to:

  • Invitation to Cascade’s 2017 Kickoff Meeting where the ELITE Driller Induction Ceremony will be held
  • A plaque for each ELITE Driller placed in the Cascade Drilling Hall Of Fame at the Corporate Office
  • A personalized announcement enshrined in the Cascade Connection which highlights the ELITE Driller’s work history, merits, qualifications, and contributions to Cascade
  • Serve a two year term on the “ELITE Driller Commission”. The ELITE Driller Commission is an ad-doc group of ELITE Drillers that proposes recommendations pertaining to drilling operations, safety procedures, Cascade's company strategy, and related issues
  • Issued a company iPad for work related purposes and to help promote the adoption of leading edge technology and work practices within Cascade
  • Annual “Spend Account” that provides funds that may be used to benefit the company at the ELITE Driller’s discretion
  • Continuing opportunities for compensation may also be provided for:
    • Obtaining new Driller's Licenses
    • Recruiting new Licensed Drillers to CDLP
    • Significant process Improvements or Equipment Innovations
    • Revenue generated from the employees Drillers license
  • Direct financial compensation at the Company’s discretion
  • A new Company-leased work pickup truck