BOTHELL, WA -  April 9, 2024Cascade Environmental (Cascade), the leading field services contractor for drilling and remediation in the United States, and its subsidiary, TerraTherm Inc., an internationally recognized leader in thermal remediation, were recognized by the Environmental Business Journal® (EBJ) with two Business Achievement Awards for Project Merit.

Pictured left to right: Joseph Negro (Cascade), Jim Galligan (TerraTherm), Scott Wisher (Cascade) & Grant Ferrier (EBJ)

"In a year of strong growth and financial performance for the environmental industry in 2023, a number of companies set themselves apart with performance and projects that merit special recognition,” said Grant Ferrier, editor of Environmental Business Journal and chair of the EBJ Business Achievement Award selection committee.

Cascade was recognized for playing a pivotal role in the successful remediation of a former chemical manufacturing site in Keasbey, N.J. Cascade worked closely with the client and site engineer to address groundwater contamination, specifically tert-butanol (TBA), impacting adjacent properties. Cascade’s innovative approach involved in situ solidification and stabilization (ISS) of approximately 15,000 cubic yards of TBA-impacted materials. Complications in prior site characterization led to the real-time discovery of stone fill in the area of former remediation. This posed unforeseen challenges in safety, remedial efforts, and material management. Cascade addressed these stone-related complications successfully, adapting mix designs during the installation of a slurry wall and managing workspace and excavation support during ISS. Amidst the stone management, the team identified unknown utility lines and relocated numerous conduits. Cascade’s strategic approach mitigated risks and enhanced overall project success. Cascade demonstrated adaptability within unexpected conditions all while working within the originally proposed budgets and schedules. 

TerraTherm, teamed with Jacobs to thermally remediate the located along the Pine River in St. Louis, Mo. Historical chemical manufacturing operations produced chemicals and metals including DDT and 1,2-dipromo-3-chloropropane (DBCP). Between 2017 and 2023, in situ thermal conduction heating (TCH) was used in three phases to reduce dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) mass and mobility and eliminate offsite migration of DNAPL to surface water and sediments in 18 discrete source areas at the site. Unexpected removal mechanisms were encountered during TCH operations. While designed to remove the bulk of mass via vaporization and treatment via thermal oxidation, during the first TCH phase, DNAPL recovery was the dominant removal mechanism. During this phase, > 90% of the total mass was recovered as DNAPL, followed by 98% and 97% of the total mass removal in the following phases, respectively. The majority of the DNAPL mass was recovered late in the remedy when most of the site had been at boiling temperatures for a substantial amount of time. Over 380,000 lbs of contaminants were removed from the 18 source areas—more than seven times the original estimate—and more than 90% were removed as DNAPL.

The 2023 EBJ award was presented live and in-person at the EBJ Business Achievement Awards banquet at Environmental Industry Summit XXII on April 02-04, 2024 in San Diego.


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Cascade is a field services contractor that partners with our clients to provide seamless environmental and geotechnical solutions from concept to completion. Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable future through environmental investigation and restoration. For more information on Cascade, please visit

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TerraTherm is a worldwide leader in the development and implementation of thermal remediation of organic contaminants in subsurface soil and groundwater source zones and aboveground piles. We advise on, design, build, and operate thermal remediation projects from concept to closure.

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