The resource is being offered for free to all current members of the U.S military and U.S. veterans

May 6, 2022

A Military to Civilian Transition GuideBOTHELL, WA—Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), the leading field services contractor for drilling and remediation in the United States, has released a new book to help men and women transitioning from military to civilian careers with their job search.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, approximately 200,000 people end their military careers every year with the intention of joining the civilian workforce. However, that transition is often a difficult one. A 2016 study found that 53% of veterans were unemployed four months or longer after leaving the service.

Cascade’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Jessica Alexander, is one of the authors of the newly published book, Your Next Mission: A Military to Civilian Guide to Launching a Career in Environmental Services. She is also a veteran herself, having served for 10 years in the U.S. Air Force.

“Transitioning to civilian life requires a lot of adjustments, but one of the hardest for many veterans is beginning a new career,” she said. “The roles and responsibilities they had in the military do not seem to align with the opportunities civilian companies are offering. It can seem like those doors are closed, even when that is not the intention. Our goal in writing this book was to help veterans understand what hiring managers are looking for, how to search for roles that are a good fit, and to share tips about communicating their experience more effectively.”

In the book, Alexander helps readers understand how they can efficiently structure their job search, highlight transferable skills in their resume and during interviews, and provides tips for catching a hiring manager’s eye.

“The skills and abilities acquired during military service often translate very well to roles in environmental services,” Cascade’s Chief People Officer Ken Moses said. “However, we wanted to build a resource that would benefit veterans regardless of the industry they ultimately choose. This book has specific advice for launching a career in our industry, but includes advice and guidance anyone entering the civilian workforce could benefit from.”

Your Next Mission: A Military to Civilian Guide to Launching a Career in Environmental Services is now available for free to all U.S. service members and veterans. It can be downloaded at