March 17, 2020

BOTHELL, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES / -- Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”) celebrates top honor with Environmental Business Journal®* (“EBJ”) this week. Cascade was recognized for its work at Boone Dam in northeastern Tennessee, where they drilled and installed 8” PVC pilot casing to direct the creation of a 55” flooded reverse secant pile seepage cut-off wall. After a sinkhole and muddy discharge were discovered near the base of the embankment, dam safety experts and engineers determined the structure was at risk of internal erosion and subsequent dam failure. Cascade conducted pilot borings for a vertical and plumb guide for the advancement and construction of a secant pile wall—which had never previously been done. Sonic drilling technology was selected for its tight verticality tolerance and to protect the embankment during epi-karst and bedrock drilling activities.

“On projects like this, the experience and ingenuity of our crews really make a significant impact on the project outcomes,” said John Cowdery, Chief Executive Officer at Cascade. “I’m proud we’ve been able to work on the Boone Dam project and help protect and reinforce the infrastructure the community relies upon.”

Cascade’s sonic drilling crew achieved near-perfect verticality in the first hole over 56 feet of vertical drilling. Once the first casing was completed, Cascade proceeded to drill 57 other locations on the project site. This type of geotechnical drilling ensures the long-term success of infrastructure projects.

If you would like to learn more about this project or how to work with Cascade, contact us at [email protected].