The 2020 report highlights the company’s resiliency in a difficult year, detailing economic, environmental, and social impact under GRI framework

May 19, 2021

BOTHELL, WA—- Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), the leading field services contractor of drilling and remediation services, recently published its 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report.   

The report details how the organization fared against key impacts including the COVID pandemic, availability of field services workers, and cybersecurity. “We coined a new term for this resiliency, ‘Cascadability,’ and it was the clear choice for the theme of this year’s report,” explains CEO Ron Thalacker. “Sustainability isn’t a separate program, but rather a guiding principle integrated into our daily activities. Our sustainability efforts are about fostering conditions that nurture our employees, our clients, and our suppliers no matter what the external challenges may be.”   

Highlights of the report include: 

  • 44% reduction in overall incident activity,13% reduction in severity rate, third consecutive year of TRIR under 0.70  
  • Steady decline in fuel consumption since 2018 of 29% per project and 24% per fleet asset 
  • $50M estimated savings due to immediate preventative action of recognized hazards  
  • Rated by 70% of stakeholders as “strong” or “very strong” sustainability performance 
  • Strategies adopted to anticipate and fight cyberthreats, and protect employees, business assets, and clients  

“The topics and data provided in this report were thoughtfully identified through extensive engagement efforts and material assessments,” explains Sue Bruning, Chair of Cascade’s Sustainability Council. “Our Sustainability Council meets regularly to review feedback collected through a variety of channels including surveys, meetings, social media, email, industry reports, and other business tools to gain a better understanding of the issues that may potentially impact our business. Through open dialogue, we seek to understand the impacts of our operations on our stakeholder groups—especially employees, clients, and our procurement partners.”   

Cascade’s 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. This internationally recognized sustainability framework provides a credible platform and consistent method to measure and communicate the company’s impact and connect with stakeholders. “Every year we push ourselves to go deeper into the issues and cover more topics,” said Bruning. “This is the most extensive report published since we started the sustainability reporting process in 2014. I strongly encourage anyone accessing our report to provide feedback.” The report is available on the company’s website at