January 6, 2021

BOTHELL WA—Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”) is proud to introduce the newly-formed Compass Team, an employee-led group focused on sustainability. The group takes its name from Cascade’s Compass™ Corporate Sustainability program.

Memphis-based employee Dan Spencer eagerly accepted the role of Chairperson. Spencer, who serves as the Director of Analytics at Cascade, expressed having a sense of mission in the new role. “Sustainability is not just about building financial success or protecting the environment,” he said. “These are byproducts of successful sustainability. It is imperative that we build and maintain sustainable practices to ensure the continued health of the business—and each other.”

Spencer plans to turn the Compass Team’s focus to individual employees: “Sustainability is all about planning for the future, not just at the company level but also for individuals. I believe that one of the most important aspects of sustainability is the people.”

Sue Bruning, Chair of Cascade’s Sustainability Council, agrees. “What we do as a company affects our clients and vendors, our communities, and the environment; it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We want to be a good partner and neighbor,” she said. “That’s why it was so important to launch an employee-led group—they are often the boots on the ground, who can see areas for improvement that may not be visible to corporate leadership. That feedback and insight are critical for our continued improvement.”

Cascade’s Sustainability Council sets and tracks progress on annual sustainability goals; the Compass Team will work in conjunction by enacting employee-focused initiatives.

Spencer will be supported by the rest of the Compass leadership team, including Christopher Pruitt, Jamie Patrick, Nathalia Restrepo, and Nate Bierschenk.

Learn more about Cascade’s sustainability goals and efforts here.