General Manager to focus on expansion of innovative in situ remediation technologies and civil construction through Panther Technologies subsidiary

May 4, 2021

BOTHELL, WA—Cascade Environmental (“Cascade”), the leading field services contractor of drilling and remediation services welcomed Matthew Vetter as General Manager for the New Jersey-based subsidiary Panther Technologies (“Panther”).

The Company is fueling growth in the Northeast region through the continued expansion of its combined technologies approach for more sustainable remediation. This approach integrates high resolution site characterization to detail the nature and extent of subsurface contamination with one or more remedial technologies to target and treat specific zones of contamination. “Matthew plays a critical role in further integrating our in situ stabilization and yellow iron remediation capabilities with Cascade’s full suite of drilling, site characterization, and remediation technologies,” said Jack Twomey, Panther’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “Clients across the country will benefit from his extensive experience with manufactured gas plant remediation, in situ stabilization applications, and chemical reagents for in situ injection.” 

Vetter has spent the last 15 years on the national environmental remediation stage. He has served in consulting, project management, and field operation roles. “With this unique blend of perspective, I am able to collaborate with clients to develop a technical approach and execute each project in way that meets specific project goals including safety, performance, and budget,” explains Vetter.