April 2, 2017

To ensure you experience the highest of safety standards on your projects we recently formed a Drillers Committee comprised of experts selected because of their industry proficiency and commitment to safety. The committee meets regularly to discuss and learn from recent incidents and safety concerns to continuously improve the excellence of our Safety Program. Care has been taken to assure that all drilling types be represented ranging from rotary to geo-probes in addition a member from Tech Services is on the committee as the two fields often work hand in hand. The information this committee can provide will be essential to our daily operations. Please welcome all of the members of this newly formed Drillers Committee:

  • Jimmy Hall, BU112 Aiken. Driller/Field Supervisor and 2017 Elite Driller
  • Rob Allegrezza, BU601 Minneola. Experienced Auger, Probe Operator
  • Todd Schmalfeldt, BU117 Schofield. Driller/Field Supervisor and 2016 Elite Driller
  • Rashid Malyukov, BU602. Experienced Auger Drill Operator
  • Dustin King, BU109 Sacramento. Driller/Field Supervisor
  • Zane Huckins, BU110 Federal Way. Experienced Sonic Drill Operator
  • Jose Hernandez, BU112 Upland. Experienced Sonic Drill Operator
  • Zachary Fordley, BU203 Albany. Field Tech/Supervisor
  • Lance Chi, EHS Regional Manager
  • Dale Duscher, EHS Regional Manager
  • Brook King, EHS Regional Manager