Cascade is the leading provider of environmental drilling, site remediation applications, and high resolution site characterization in the United States. We are the only single-source, nationwide contractor with expert technical capabilities and fleet to fulfill all your project needs.

Cascade Environmental | Huntsville, AL

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Cascade Environmental operates sonic, rotary, auger, and direct push drilling technologies for a variety of geotechnical, environmental, and investigation applications.

Cascade has the right equipment, experience and expertise to do the job. We offer sonic and conventional drilling technologies, and with a fleet that includes track-mounted, truck-mounted, and limited access rigs, we can access almost any drill site.

Our remediation services focus on subsurface investigation and remediation applications. With experts ranging from field technicians to environmental data scientists, we partner with you to deliver the right technology for every job, no matter how routine or complex.

Cascade Environmental
Cascade offers a wide array of technologies across the spectrum of drilling applications and environments. Cascade Environmental meets stringent state and local licensing requirements with crews qualified to work in all 50 states.
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Site Characterization
Cascade offers services ranging from traditional site characterization to proprietary and multi-sensor high resolution technology options. We can help you identify cost-effective solutions to help you build your conceptual site model.
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Site Remediation
Cascade has the in-house capabilities and expertise to support groundwater and soil remediation from thermal source treatment, to injection or emplacement oxidants, reductants and bio amendments.
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