- Eliot Cooper

Introducing Cascade’s Automated Injection Manifold


When it comes to chemical injected remediation, everyone agrees that it’s all about contact. In situ chemicals making proper contact with contaminant mass is the biggest challenge in achieving effective remediation, however, there have been relatively few developments with the injection technology since its inception in the early 2000s. Considering the $10s of millions of dollars invested into in situ remediation each year, it makes a lot of sense that a more robust injection manifold be developed to ensure proper contact with contaminants. It’s about time we took chemical injection to another level.

This webinar will cover Cascade Remediation Services automated injection system. This system can control an injection based on pre-defined parameters, such as pressure values or flow rates. It also allows for more precise control of the system during start up. In addition, we will discuss the newly developed mathematical model used to determine the actual pressure we apply to the subsurface once we inject. With this value calculated, we can apply this to our system control, instead of relying on the traditional up-hole pressure.

Attendees of this webinar will walk away with a better understanding of Cascade’s automated injection manifold system, and how it allows better control and distribution, along with providing engineers with more robust documentation through digital recording of pressure and flow data.

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