Conventional site characterization approaches very often lead to underperforming or failed remedies. You need a high level of confidence in site characterization data in order to develop a successful remediation strategy.

When you are ready for a more cost effective and reliable approach, we can help.  High resolution methods, dynamic work strategies, and state-of-the-science technologies, combined with a large geographic footprint and breadth and depth of resources, mean Cascade can provide the site characterization help you need.

Building a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) is where it all starts. You need an accurate and detailed understanding of site conditions and processes in order to make good site management decisions.

We combine high resolution site characterization technologies including: direct sensing, aquifer profiling, soil coring, soil gas sampling, unique diagnostic indoor air sampling and analysis; coupled with fully defensible onsite analytical chemistry and 3D data visualization to help you build accurate CSMs.

Typically 75% or more of the mass discharge of a plume occurs across just 5 to 10% of the total cross sectional area of the plume.  Sources are commonly located in a relatively small volume of the subsurface. These traits provide an opportunity for surgically focused remedial designs that maximize cost effectiveness while ensuring the desired outcome.

Integrating our site characterization capabilities with our extensive suite of remedial technologies ensures that, once the CSM is tested, you can select and design an optimal remedy with confidence. Since we offer nearly all types of remedial technologies, we provide an unbiased recommendation.

You will have a real-time, high-resolution understanding of:

  • The spatial distribution of contaminant mass
  • Identity of the contaminants
  • Attenuation mechanisms
    • Hydrodynamic dispersion
    • Phase changes
    • Sorption
    • Diffusion into low permeability zones
    • Biotic and abiotic degradation
  • Hydrostratigraphy
  • Lithology
  • Hydrogeology
  • What sustains the plume
    • Back diffusion
    • Desorption from aquifer solids

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