What Makes Our ENVIRONMENTAL Remediation Services different?

With so many environmental remediation options available today, choosing the best approach to meet your clean up objectives may be daunting. Cascade has the in-house capabilities and expertise to support groundwater and soil remediation from traditional to high resolution site characterization, thermal source treatment and injection or emplacement oxidants, reductants and bio amendments. We work closely with you to identify cost-effective solutions utilizing individual or combined technologies based on site complexity.

At Cascade, our environmental remediation services begin with supporting our clients in developing an accurate Conceptual Site Model with both traditional and high resolution characterization technologies. With 3D maps of contaminant distribution versus geology and hydrogeology, we are able to apply the most suitable technology to meet your environmental remediation expectations.

In Situ Remediation

Cascade provides the design and field expertise to implement a wide range of in situ remediation technologies. Cascade also provides the delivery technologies including pneumatic and hydraulic emplacement, injection and shallow mixing, to facilitate contact with contaminants in a wide range of lithologies. If you want more details on our process check out our In Situ Chemical Remediation page!

High Resolution Site Characterization Integration with Remedial Design

Clients have embraced the integration of characterization and remedial design as a superior remediation approach to achieve desired results in less time and significant cost savings over the project lifecycle. Cascade seamlessly integrates 3D imaging from high resolution characterization with the destruction of contamination using in situ remediation technologies. Our ability to interpret and integrate high resolution site data with targeted remedial designs is a key strength developed from working on hundreds of sites across the country. Coupled with Cascade’s collaborative design support and experienced field operations, our clients are able to transition contaminated properties into productive assets.

Ex Situ Remediation

Cascade offers a variety of ex situ remediation options including chemical, biological and thermal applications. In many cases, ex situ technologies are used to reduce contaminants to acceptable levels that allow for the beneficial reuse or return of soil and groundwater to the project site thus avoiding costly off-site transportation and disposal.

Collaborative Remediation Design

Cascade provides our clients with collaborative support on the design of chemical oxidation, reduction, and bioremediation remedies.  Our design experience specifically focuses on delivery parameters and approaches to ensure contact of reagents with contaminants for a long enough period of time to ensure complete destruction. Most importantly our field experience on what works and doesn’t work is a priceless knowledge base we can share with you to help ensure successful remediation.

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