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Complex Site Services

Complex sites pose a unique challenge to our industry. These are sites that are not expected to meet remediation objectives within a reasonable time frame, and in many cases utilize a large portion of the resources available for remediation.  

At Cascade, we have the expertise and technology to address many of your complex site needs, including conceptual site modeling, collaborative designs, combined remedy solutions, and much more.  Don’t let site challenges limit your options.

Complex Site Solutions

It’s time to take another look with Cascade on your team.

Cascade and our subsidiaries cover a wide range of site characterization and remedial technologies. We work collaboratively to provide our clients with the best solutions for their problem.  

We take on sites where previous remedies have failed and that have a driving force pushing for an effective solution.  We tackle large, deep sites with a combination of heavily contaminated source zones and extensive plumes, as well as complicated geology and existing on-site infrastructure.

As the environmental remediation industry matures, the focus of technological advancement has shifted to addressing the remaining complex sites. Many complex sites are characterized by persistent chlorinated solvent impacts that for various reasons have not responded to traditional or simplistic technologies.

In these cases, achieving a positive return on remediation investment (RORI) should be considered as a factor in evaluating the overall existing and future remediation approaches. RORI at a complex site is not optimized merely through technology selection but rather by designing an overall process to manage adaptive restoration from characterization through remedy implementation, and ultimately long term passive or active management.


  • Convenience.  We support you from start to finish.  There’s no need to hire multiple vendors for completion of different project phases, especially when each phase is so closely tied to the next one. Our vertical integration of drilling, investigation and remediation services saves you time, headaches and money.
  • Flexibility.  When you hit a bump in the road we have the tools to navigate the path forward.  
  • Sustainability.  Our approach leverages synergy between characterization and remediation.  This results in minimal disturbance to the site, lower cost over the life of the project, and less time to achieve your remediation objectives.

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