Brenna Garmon

Client Services Manager

Brenna Garmon, a seasoned environmental consultant, brings more than six years of industry experience to her role. A proud alumnus of Vanderbilt University, she has cultivated a solid reputation through her work on numerous intricate groundwater remediation projects and instrumental involvement with various EPA superfund sites. 

Over the years, Brenna has refined her unique expertise in database management and the creation of 3D models. This has allowed her to set an industry standard in site characterization and investigation, further cementing her value in this field. As Client Services Manager, she actively manages and facilitates brown bag events and client meetings, offering a strategic platform to provide guidance and solutions to your projects. 

Clients in the southeast seeking comprehensive project guidance from start to finish reach out to Brenna. With her deep industry knowledge and unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations, every project she handles is navigated with expertise and precision, leading to successful completion.