Brook King

EHS Director

Brook brings 18 years of construction, drilling, environmental and EHS related experience, and has been with Cascade for 13 years. He has several years of experience in working with diverse types of Cascade technology, including, but not limited to: sonic, direct push, auger, rotary, injection/remediation operations and well development.

During his time at Cascade, Brook has held the role of Driller, Field Supervisor, Operations support, Project Manager, EHS Regional Manager & current EHS Director. During his tenure as an EHS Regional Manager, Brook successfully led NW Region to 1000+ days at ZERO recordable injuries. He is experienced with EHS, Risk Analysis/Mitigation, Incident Case Management, Training Coordination/Facilitation, Audits & Inspections, and Program Development/Implementation.

Additionally, he has helped develop and implement several Cascade training and safety programs. He also worked on the development team of the Cascade CORE™ Safety Program and has worked diligently to implement those policies and procedures company-wide.