Brook King

EHS Director

Brook brings 21+ years of construction, drilling, environmental and EHS-related experience, and has been with Cascade for 15 years. He has several years of field experience in working with diverse types of Cascade technology, including, but not limited to: sonic, direct push, auger, rotary, injection/remediation operations, and well development.

During his time at Cascade, Brook has held the role of Driller, Field Supervisor, Project Manager, Operations Support, EHS Regional Manager & current EHS Director. During his tenure as an EHS Regional Manager, Brook successfully led NW Region to 1800+ days at ZERO recordable injuries. He is experienced with EHS, Behavior Based Safety (BBS), Risk Analysis/Mitigation, Program Compliance, Incident Case Management, Training Coordination/Facilitation, Audits & Inspections, and Program Development/Implementation.

Additionally, he has helped develop and implement several Cascade training and safety programs. He also worked on the original development team of the Cascade CORE™ Safety Program and has worked diligently with the EHS team, to implement those policies and procedures company-wide. He has a desire to help employees succeed, develop leadership skills, and reach their full potential while using the CORE™ safety program tools to help facilitate that process.