Don Winglewich

Technical Expert, Injection Operations (Retired)

Don Winglewich has worked in the environmental drilling and services industry for more than 25 years. He was a partner at Precision Sampling, Inc. and a co-founder and partner at Resonant Sonic International, and is a licensed driller in California, Nevada and New Mexico. He also has his California Hazardous Substance Removal license and California Class A General Engineering Contractor license. He is a subject matter expert in direct injection remediation.

Don provides hands on expertise, gained by supporting hundreds of in situ remediation projects. He’s familiar with drilling and injection approaches addressing the wide variety of lithologies and amendments our clients work with. Whether it’s combining injection tooling with sonic drilling rigs to overcome refusal, emplacement of solid slurries through direct push or packers, or high flow manifolding to multiple DPT or injection wells, Don has developed best practices that save clients’ time and money and achieve the best amendment distribution possible.