Eric Moskal

Technical Expert, East

Eric Moskal is a Senior Project Manager at Cascade Environmental. He specializes in remediation projects that involve large scale, difficult locations and conditions, and low permeability geology. In this role, Eric collaborates with his clients to identify a cost-effective, site-specific methodology for delivering amendments that will achieve their remedial goals. Previous projects have included everything from the site of a former corner gas station to personal residences to large federal sites.

Eric is a national expert on pneumatic and hydraulic emplacement of chemical oxidants, zero-valent iron (ZVI) and combined ZVI-bioremediation remedies for complex chlorinated solvent sites, as well as remediation engineered activated carbon for complex petroleum sites. He also provides pneumatic permeability enhancement of finer grained soils to optimize soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems for both hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents removal.

Eric has over a decade of practical experience in the environmental services industry. He has extensive hands-on field experience overcoming site-specific challenges that become evident once field applications commence. Eric is an excellent resource for clients needing delivery of in situ solutions at sites where traditional injection is not viable.

Eric Moskal

Education: BS Geology, University of Delaware