Jessica Alexander

Director of Talent Acquisition and Chair, Cascade Inclusion & Engagement Council

Jessica Alexander is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Cascade and serves as Chair of Cascade’s Diverse Workforce Initiative. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, a MBA in Human Resources, and a PhD (ABD) in Human Resource Management. Further, Jessica has served on multiple boards within volunteer organizations that assist individuals in underrepresented groups obtain employment in their local communities.

After completing ten years of military service in the United States Air Force in Logistics and Transportation, Jessica launched a distinguished career specializing in recruiting and talent development. In her role as Director of Talent Acquisition, she creates and implements strategy that drives Cascade forward as an Employer of Choice in the environmental services industry. Jessica is passionate about the development of people and their ability to drive companies forward.

Because of her background in veteran hiring outreach, diversity management and field labor recruiting, Cascade recruited Jessica in 2018 to establish and grow the company’s Talent Acquisition Team. Not long after, Jessica founded and launched the Cascade Diversity Workforce Initiative (CDWI) in 2019. The CDWI consists of Cascade employees who lead, advocate for, coordinate, inform, and monitor the strategic diversity management process at Cascade. The primary objective of the CDWI is to provide a diverse workplace for Cascade employees to thrive both personally and professionally. The CDWI council strives to align the organization’s diversity efforts to our core value that “diversity is a key component to our company’s success and sustainability into the future.”

If you would like to connect with Jessica about her experience with strategic sourcing, talent acquisition and development, or organizational diversity management, you can find her on LinkedIn.