Jim McCombs

Key Accounts Manager

Jim is a geologist and the Key Accounts Manager at Cascade. He has spent most of his career helping clients troubleshoot difficult environmental and geotechnical projects using sonic drilling technology. Jim specializes in infrastructure projects like dams, landfills, tunnels, ground improvement, and seepage control. After years of working in the field, he now develops estimates and integrated technical approaches for environmental and infrastructure projects.

Jim is the go-to guy for drilling projects with difficult formations, solid buried waste, low thresholds for borehole deviation, and other challenging components. On the toughest sites, he often develops a rig platform and tooling modifications to overcome obstacles. Jim’s priority is helping clients achieve their project goals on time and on budget—no matter what.

With his wide-ranging experience on geotechnical and environmental projects, Jim is a great partner for clients facing unusual project challenges.

Jim McCombs

Education: Master of Geology Degree - Kent State University, 2002