John McAssey

Technical Expert, West

John McAssey is a Technical Expert. In this role, he helps clients choose and implement the right technologies for delineating source zones and plumes, developing a conceptual site model (CSM), and executing their remediation strategy.

Over his 25 years in environmental services, John has worked on a variety of sites, such as dry cleaners, gas stations, refineries, commercial real estate properties, and both active and decommissioned military bases. He began his career in the Marine Corps, where he managed his squadron’s HAZMAT program.  Once John transitioned to civilian life, he worked as a field technician supporting site characterization programs, before moving to focus on in situ remediation projects. When John took a role in business development, clients benefited from his years in the field and technical knowledge. Over the years, he advanced further through the ranks to his current role at Cascade.

John recognizes that every project involves a lot of moving parts—especially in active or residential areas—and effectively handling logistics requires careful planning. Clients rely on his deep experience, regular communication and cost-effective solutions to meet their project goals.