Matthew Vetter

Senior Vice President, Operations

Matthew Vetter is the Senior Vice President of Operations for Cascade’s remediation services division. He has worked in the environmental services industry for 16+ years as both a consultant and a contractor, and is a leading expert on in situ stabilization (ISS), wetland restoration and mitigation, and stream bank restoration. Matthew has bachelor’s degrees in biology and environmental & marine science, is certified in confined space entry and rigging, and has completed the US Army Corps of Engineers CQM training.

In this role, Matthew is responsible for 11 offices across the country. His years as a consultant and his educational background have given him a deep understanding of applicable state and federal regulations, as well as typical site owner requirements that consultants must achieve. His work in the field has armed him with the knowledge and best practices his clients rely on to reach their site goals efficiently and cost effectively. Clients know he is always available and willing to provide support.

Matthew is dedicated to working with Cascade crews and clients to ensuring the safe and smooth implementation of every project.

Matthew Vetter

Education: Bachelor in Biology. Bachelor in Environmental & Marine Science.