Michael Gerber

Technical Expert

Michael Gerber is a Technical Expert at Cascade, where he is dedicated to helping clients develop and execute their in situ remediation strategies. In this role, Michael collaborates with his clients to identify and implement cost-effective injection and drilling approaches addressing the wide variety of lithologies and amendments our clients work with on projects. Previous project sites include dry cleaners, gas stations, chemical manufacturing plants, refineries, the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense, Superfund sites, and more.

Michael has over a decade of hands-on field experience in the environmental services industry. Over the years, he has supported hundreds of successful in situ remediation projects from chemical oxidation, reduction, and bioremediation using all drilling and delivery technologies. These projects include numerous chlorinated solvent, petroleum, and hex chrome sites that pose unique logistical and subsurface challenges. Additionally, Michael is experienced with all facets of injection and emplacement of liquid and solid amendments delivered through injection wells, open boreholes, direct push or sonic tooling, and manifolding to multiple points for optimization.

Michael’s range of experience makes him an excellent resource on difficult projects, and his insight saves our clients time and money when developing their in situ remediation approaches.