Michael Gerber

Operations Manager, Remediation

Michael Gerber is the In Situ Remediation Project Manager at Cascade and has more than 10 years of varied in situ remediation industry experience. He is responsible for all aspects of successful and safe project completion, including technology selection, optimization, and field implementation. He has led field teams on projects involving hundreds of direct push injection and well injection/recirculation of oxidants, reductants and bioremediation amendments; worked on numerous chlorinated solvent, petroleum, and hex chrome sites that posed unique logistical and subsurface challenges; and led Zero Valent Iron hydraulic emplacement and soil mixing projects for more complex solvent sites. Additionally, Michael is experienced in optimizing hybrid drilling techniques for overcoming direct push refusal and developing new high-performance injection systems.

Michael’s range of experience makes him an excellent resource on difficult projects, and his insight saves our clients time and money when developing theirs in situ remediation approaches.