This year marks Cascade’s 25th Anniversary. We have witnessed many exciting changes over the years including the dramatic growth of our organization. From our humble beginnings as a regional drilling company, Cascade has emerged as the nation’s largest integrated environmental and geotechnical drilling, site characterization, and remediation partner. 2016 also marks a new beginning. In June, we introduced a brand identity symbolizing our growth and transformation in the environmental services industry.

The Cascade brand is supported by a new operating structure to better serve the environmental and engineering consulting community. As we continue to expand our breadth of services, we remain committed to facilitating the success of our consulting clients in meeting their client’s environmental challenges. We are excited to share our third Annual Sustainability Report with you. Sustainability reporting is a valuable process that helps us identify the issues material to our stakeholders and our organization. It also helps us to continually align our efforts with the goals and expectations of our stakeholders.

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