- Deborah Shaffer Schnell, PE

Below Building Remediation: Considerations of In Situ Delivery Methods to Safely Address COCs

When the subsurface is contaminated, contaminants don’t stop at property lines or outside the front door—they leach across lots and under buildings, wherever the lithology takes them. This can make remediation a more complex task; efforts must be designed to not only remove or destroy the contaminants of concern (COCs), but also to safeguard existing structures above ground.

In this webinar, remediation expert Deborah Shaffer Schnell will discuss the use of emplacement technologies, including fracturing, for remediation under buildings. She’ll walk participants through key considerations, due diligence required before implementation, and the structural monitoring that must be maintained during and after the project is complete. Deborah will illustrate using real-life examples, and answer questions during a Q&A at the end of the presentation.

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