- Michael Gerber

As injection designs become more sensitive to injection parameters like pressure and flow to achieve contact, performance can be optimized by manifolding multiple injection locations—a step that lowers overall injection time frames and costs. However, to optimize an injection manifold approach, there are key performance and design parameters that must be considered, including (but not limited to):

  • Injection well v. direct push injection
  • Drilling and well abandonment time
  • Type of drill rig to be used
  • Whether or not straddle packers are used to isolate intervals
  • The injection time within interval targeted by the injection tool
  • Soil type (whether course or fine grained)
  • Amendment mixing logistics
  • In-line dosing of multiple amendments
  • Pump pressure v. flow capacity
  • Distance between injection locations and whether or not to inject at adjacent injection locations
  • Weather conditions
  • Unique site logistics

Presented by Michael Gerber, Cascade’s Technical Director of Injection Implementation, the webinar will guide you through these considerations so you can spec out achievable performance in your RFPs, or benchmark whether your injection contractor has optimized your project to the greatest extent practical. Attendees will also be introduced and receive access to our manifold design calculator that helps to ensure achievable optimization.

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