In Situ Thermal Remediation and Heat Enhanced Biodegradation: Monitoring and Augmenting a Thermal Project Using MTBs

This webinar, hosted by Microbial Insights and Robert D'Anjou, former Technical Director of Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) at Cascade, covers heat enhanced biodegradation and how EMDs can be used to characterize microbial communities and quantify contaminant degraders at sites undergoing in situ thermal remediation (ISTR).

This webinar will assist you in:

- Understanding how in situ thermal remediation can successfully reduce contaminant mass in the source zone

- Learning more about ERH

- Understanding how ERH is compatible with bioremediation and how heat can enhance contaminant degradation

- Understanding how to evaluate biodegradation during, surrounding, and following in situ thermal treament using MTBs


This webinar is part of an EMD Webinar Series by Microbial Insights.  Check out past recordings in the series at their site.

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