While the chemistry and injection technologies for in situ remedies have seen significant growth, the actual performance of the remedy overall is controlled by small scale heterogeneities inherent in the site hydrogeology. Though we often hear people say “in situ remediation is a contact sport,” we don’t often see remedial designs that actually account for the difficulties that heterogenities cause in the necessary distribution of injected fluids or slurries. This fundamental challenge is at the root of nearly all cost overruns and under performing remedies. This webinar will address how to detect subsurface complexities that must be accommodated in the remedy design.


About The Speaker

Seth Pitkin has more than 30 years of intensive experience investigating subsurface contamination, particularly chlorinated solvent DNAPLs. He is a leading expert on High-Resolution Site Characterization and has developed a training course for the U.S. EPA, which he delivers in the EPA Regional Offices around the country.

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