An important consideration during high resolution (e.g. MiHPT, UVOST, Waterloo APS) and traditional site characterization used to develop your CSM, is understanding and managing your site data. Your measure of remediation success ultimately reduces to the quality of decisions based on data interpretation. 

If you are using or planning on using these data and analysis systems like C-Techs EVS (or relying on others, e.g.,MiHPT practitioners) for high resolution and traditional sampling data interpretation to support your remedial design, this webinar will help you develop a level of confidence in the data presented.

In this webinar Kerry Stonestreet, Data Management and Visualization Leader at Cascade Technical Services, will discuss the risks and benefits of 3D imaging depending on the modeler.

Specifically, we will be discussing:

  • Industry standard data and analysis systems such as Bentley's gINT subsurface data management system, C Tech Development's Earth Volumetric Studio and GIS/CAD packages.
  • How conceptual site models prepared with data and geostatistical tools like EVS can use existing data to identify low confidence regions in your subsurface
  • Examples of 3D CSMs and 4D Animated Volumetric plumes 

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