- Eliot Cooper

New Cascade Technologies Matrix – Distribution, Design, and Technologies

Everyone agrees that the most critical condition required to meet in situ remediation goals is sufficient contact between amendments and contaminants for a long enough time period to enable complete contaminant destruction. Based on over 15 years of injection and emplacement experience, Cascade has developed a matrix of site and amendment characteristics to help select delivery approaches and amendment dosing specifications.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

• Delivery approaches, including direct push injection, hydraulic and pneumatic fracturing, injection wells and shallow mixing.
• How these delivery approaches align with site considerations like amendment physical characteristics, lithology and target interval depth.
• Why parameters like injection flow rates, pressures, volumes, concentrations, persistence, kinetics, and radius of influence are critical to contact.
• Lessons learned that help alleviate concerns about delivery specification and design parameters for distribution.

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