- Bill Poupis

Sonic Technology for Geotechnical Tieback Anchors

Join us for a discussion around the installation of Tieback Anchors and how sonic technology enhances the process.  Tieback Anchors are construction elements that serve as a solution to aging infrastructure instead of complete re-construction.  They actively apply tensile forces to existing structures and can be used as part of new construction, or to remediation existing structures.  Tieback Anchors can be constructed out of strands of cable, or reinforcing bar grouted into the soil.

Presenters Bill Poupis and Shawn Miller with Aquifer Drilling & Testing, a Cascade Company, will be highlighting a recent project were sonic technology was chosen over conventional technologies.  They will discuss the process of installing Tieback Anchors as well as how sonic technology enhances the process on such projects.

About the Presenters

Bill Poupis is the Vice President of Operations at Aquifer Drilling & Testing, Inc. (ADT), a subsidiary of Cascade Environmental.   Bill holds a BS degree in Geology and has over 38 years of drilling experience and related services for oil & gas, environmental, geotechnical and geothermal applications.  

Shawn Miller is the Operations Manager at ADT and has over 27 years of drilling experience and related services including spill response and marine support.  Shawn coordinates all of ADT’s environmental projects and has hands on experience with all of ADT’s conventional drilling equipment. 

ADT provides a full range of environmental and geotechnical drilling services with an extensive fleet of sonic and conventional drilling rigs and specialty equipment.

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