Why We Do Environmental Drilling And Sampling

Environmental drilling and sampling services help delineate subsurface impacts and monitor conditions over time.  It’s important to choose the right drilling technology and sampling techniques based on the expected geologic conditions.

Cascade offers a full range of environmental drilling and sampling services for nearly any application. We conduct soil, soil gas, and groundwater sampling, including discrete and representative sampling, vertical aquifer profiling, and bedrock coring.

We have extensive experience in well installation, development, rehabilitation, abandonment, and groundwater monitoring installations. With our diverse drilling fleet and experienced crews, even the most difficult conditions are no challenge for us.

Cascade also offers conventional and sonic drilling technologies. Our fleet includes track and truck mounted equipment and limited access rigs for tight spaces, low overhead conditions, and over-water work allowing us to access almost any drill site.

Environmental Sampling

Get results you can trust.  Our experts understand the importance of accurate samples regardless of geologic conditions.  Whether it’s discrete or representative sampling you’re after, Cascade has the tools and technologies to get it. Soil, rock and even the most difficult ground conditions are no match for our experienced crews.

Cascade offers sonic and conventional drilling technologies in a variety of sampling applications:

  • Soil sampling
  • Ground water sampling
  • Soil gas sampling
  • Vertical aquifer profiling
  • Bedrock coring
  • Packer testing
Well Services

Cascade specializes in the installation and development of monitoring, injection or extraction wells, soil and groundwater sampling equipment and the installation of remediation systems.

Cascade has decades of experience with sampling and monitoring well services: 

  • Well installation
  • Well development
  • Well rehabilitation
  • Well abandonment
Coal Combustion Residual

We understand the complexity of CCR management and maintaining compliance in a changing regulatory landscape. Through our experience with power utility owners and their consultants, Cascade developed customized tooling and techniques to achieve the best results in the most challenging conditions.

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